About the centre

Welcome to FocusIN Centre of Psychophysical, Mental and Spiritual Health And Well-being, as well as Development Of Human Potentials.

FocusIN is a private firm specialized in coaching, mentorship and education in the area of health, human resources , personal and organization development and leadership. We are dedicated to application of knowledge, skills and powerful techniques to help clients in the domain of their physical, emotional and mental well-being. We are fully committed and dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of individually tailor-made services to upgrade your life standard be it on personal or professional level, or both.

We are fully committed and dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of individual tailor-made services to upgrade your life well-being, be it your psychophysical health, mental well-being or upgrading your skills in terms of personal growth and development.

If you believe you are lacking skills and resources you need to make progress in your professional life if you feel that yo do not know who you are and what is your purpose in life, and what do you really want, unsecure, wounded, angry, stupid, unseen, unloved, beyond repair, or alone…please reach out for our assistance and help.

Know that there are those of us that are eager to walk through this difficult journey of life you or your loved ones might be facing right now. We will help you see the beauty in the world again and, most importantly, we will help you discover your own worth and strength.
Please do not forget that You are loved and you are not alone.

You are welcomed to individual consultations and treatments specially tailor made to your needs and desired outcomes. We use and apply knowledge, skills and techniques from number of proven areas and changes are visible in a short time framework. We are certified according to the highest European and international standards.

It’s never too late to get started on a new path of knowledge and wisdom that will lead your life towards excellence. No matter how far you have gone on the wrong road, you can still turn around and upgrade the overall quality of your life. Your only limit is You and your ability to know what exactly do you want. We can teach you how and reprogramme your body, mind and spirit towards creating the life you’ve been always wanted.

We are using while range of powerful and effective tools and techniques with our clients who are unable to deal with number of challenges or those who simply wish to shift into the new paradigm of thinking in order to boost their psychical and mental healths or skills they lack on their way to professional progress.

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