We are here to support and assist you overcome any difficulties you or a member of your family are experiencing. You deserve more than just an ordinary and purposeless life.
You deserve self-confidence, clarity, focus and well-being in your daily life.

Our wide range of services deals with a variety of themes that you may need right now be it:

  • Life directions
  • Identity
  • Conflicts
  • Mood swing
  • Behavioral issues
  • School challenges
  • Social media and technology
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Burn-out syndrome
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Health issues
  • Diet
  • Human potentials
  • Soft skills
  • and many others tailor made individually for You!

Our services are tailor made for:

  • Individuals
  • Professionals
  • Teens
  • Students
  • Teachers

Consultations and Coaching

Individual one to one consultations or coaching session are taking place at our premises. Online consultations or counselling can be organized also online or simply by telephone.
We invite you to set up your free of charge introduction session online to decide what format suits you better.

Prices of providing individual services to client:
35€/h Consultations ”one to one” (personal or business)
20€/h Online consultations or counselling (personal or business)
15€/h Online consultations or counselling (Covid-19)
40€/h Counselling and coaching ”one to one”
50€/h Mentoring ”one to one”
Payment in cash or bank transfer in HRK according to the midpoint exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank (HNB)

Online consultations (Personal or business)

Do you have an issue or a problem you can not handle it by yourself? We remain at your disposal here and now. Call us!
We all encounter number of issues and challenges in our lives – what’s yours? Are you fed up with an average life and daily routine and you’ve made a decision to make a turnaround in your life in order to take control of your life? Well done!

Personal consultations and counselling is a process taking place between a counsellor and a client whereby consultations through coaching helps you to set and achieve goals to move forward in life, while counselling helps you recognise and solve your problems in life. Both approaches create a positive, healing relationship between the counsellor/coach and a client that is the medium for change. We are trained in understanding human behaviour and motivation. Both help clients set and achieve their goals.
Before you immediately dismiss the idea, consider that verbalizing feelings can have a significant therapeutic effect on the brain. In other words, getting your worries out in the open particularly with someone trained to help you manage them,is a good thing for your well-being.

We are using very powerful and efficient techniques and tolls to help our client to repair, or remove an issue or a problem, or simply provide you with a support, inspire and empower you to move forward – to get the life you deserve and be the best version of yourself. You can do it and you deserve it.

Wake up! Act now!
There is always a solution for every problem or a challenge in your life, so for yours too. Do not waste your resources and ask now for your or your teen boy or a teen girl online consultations or personal counselling.

Price: 20€/h

Covid-19 Online Support Service

Crisis intervention and online support through Coaching and Individual Consultations
How can you get rid of negative emotions, fear, anxiety and remain positive and optimistic in spite of very challenging time we are all facing wtith?

Crisis intervention coaching and counseling services can be obtained by:
Zoom, Viber or WhatsApp video calls +385 99 7815 790

Eligible clients are those for whom at least one of the following apply

  • Individual who is diagnosed with COVID-19 virus but who is not a patient of a hospital
  • Individual who is being required to isolate themselves in quarantine in accordance with home isolation guidance
  • Individual who is already under treatment for chronic health conditions or is immune-compromised; or the person meets the current national triage protocol criteria for suspected COVID-19

Price: 15€/h

Payment in cash or bank transfer in HRK according to the midpoint exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank (HNB)

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