*Corpus * Só̱ma *Body *Tijelo

Mens sana in corpore sano. Acta, acta, non verba!

You feel mentally and physically bad, insecure, unfulfilled?

Unfortunately every day there are more and more people who feel overwhelmed, mentally and physically bad, insecure, unfulfilled. Many are wondering how to most painlessly solve their emotional, life, mental or health disorders and problems that have been accumulating for months or years, and you have put them on hold for some better times. And so, day after day, and you have the feeling that you are just sinking deeper and deeper.

With modern psychotherapeutic methods and techniques based on holistic principles of health, integrative medicine and humanistic psychology, we shall work together on the causes of your problems and challenges rather than the consequences of your physical, emotional or mental state, which can manifest as fatigue, sleep disorders or in diet, anxiety, worry, excessive worry, occasional feeling of sadness, apathy, lack of concentration, frequent headaches or some other symptomatology, is the alarm that your body sends you. It’s an emergency call.

  • Don’t wait to sink even deeper mentally and physically!
  • Don’t let your disease further develop and control your life!
  • Don't let yourself not use all your potentials and talents!

Make an appointment – in live and ”one to one” (300 HRK/1h) or Online via Skype, Zoom (250 HRK). Above five consultations you’ll have a discount. I guarantee that after our first joint session, you will feel much better. Hence, from an insecure, scared, frustrated and unhappy person, you’ll be empowered from within by a new energy. You will be ready to walk through life on your own. Call and make an appointment.
HEALTH above all!

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Psyche Health Growth and Development of Personal Potentials

Treatment programs that we apply are adjusted to your needs


Individual, Group or Online

You can apply for one of the services via this short form

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Your Life supposed to be an exciting adventure. You should also carve out goals for yourself that will inspire you to enthusiastic action. The must ingredient for all that is getting to know yourself better. To know how your body, brain and spirit work as One.
To what extend they are interconnected and how your body sends you signals through emotions and symptomatology that something went wrong. You are unable to recognize and react promptly. However, to permanently eliminate a condition you must first work to dissolve mental cause. In most cases a person is clueless what the cause is such as that you don’t know where to begin.

It is really sad that so many people spend their lifetime going nowhere and being stuck in permanent state of frustration. One of the reason is because they don’t know anything about themselves or how to cope with health challenges and direct their body, mind and spirit to work themselfese towards a happy and meaningful Life.

Happiness is just one of the habit. You can acquire this habit too.
We hope you will allow to us to help you in this direction.

Every single one of us have his/her own algorithm for true success and happiness. How to find and know how does it work? How to achieve desired outcome since your wishes are not always aligned with the options? How can you discover and convince yourself that your potentials are actually limited only by your limiting beliefs? Eliminating them you’ll be able to break down stereotypical barriers and open the door that seemed completely inaccessible to you.

Goals are important. If you never pick a point on the horizon, how do you know which direction to walk? Most people’s goals aren’t really their goals. Many people set goals in reaction to the responsibilities, expectations and demands they face in their life. Life is too short to spend it chasing someone else’s goals or dismissing your own because someone else said it’s not possible.

If you find yourself always dreaming and never taking the action steps that would help you move forward, click here to schedule a session to see if coaching would help support you in the goals you might have in your life.

Objectives of education:

  • Shaping your own future and life according to your terms
  • Enhance emotional and social intelligence
  • Improve communication skills
  • Get specific tools applicable in business and private life
  • Defining and setting up goals and strategies for achieving them
  • Awareness and skills of non-verbal communication
  • Transforming your adversities into opportunities
  • Mastering mental blocks that hinder creativity
  • Mastering procrastination
  • Overcoming and mastering learning blocks
  • Successful resolution of workplace conflicts
  • Successful communication at work
  • Increase in motivation and mental energy

Ingredients For Healthy And Successful Life 

Using Your Brain Properly
You may know that the most powerful computer on the planet is your bio comp called BRAIN. If properly run it can make your life greater than any dream.

Knowledge Combined With An Action
We live in an age where outstanding success can be available to many. However, those who achieve it can only be those who take action. Knowledge is very important, yet, it is not enough. It is action that matters.

The quality of your life is the quality of your communication in two forms: first is your communication and the second one is with others.

Power Of Belief
Positive beliefs can make you master and negative can equally make you a loser.

Your life has a processional effect. Hence, by starting making changes – little one every day, they will lead you to more changes. Growth leads to more growth. By starting to make changes and by growing bits by bits, you will be able to slowly but steadily change your life.

We can tech and help you not only how to run effectively your brain but also how can you empower yourself and bury forever negative beliefs that have been sabotaging your life. We can tech you to become an outstanding communicator and live your Life according to Your Terms.

Here’s a question to consider – In what direction are you presently going? If you follow your current direction, you’d better be asking yourself where will you be in five or ten years and is that where you really want to be? Be honest with yourself.

In terms of coaching and mentoring, the Centre provides whole ranges of services based on the holistic concept whereby we work with client with the Body, Mind and Spirit.

With FocusIN you will be guaranteed to get:

  • Unconditional support, commitment and belief in all that you want to achieve and who you are.
  • Practical tools to help you break down your goals into doable steps.
  • More energy, focus, clarity and satisfaction after just a few sessions.
  • A hand to hold or rocket fuel if you need it.
  • Free of charge email access to me between the sessions so that you are completely supported throughout your coaching journey.

We work with a client to help them among others:

  • Create and develop strategies, action plans and environments to help them achieve their goals.
  • Discover who they are, what’s their value system, their limited believes, etc.
  • Identify and clarify their desired outcomes.
  • Expand the awareness of their thoughts, feelings and actions in order to align them to their desired outcomes.

Coaching mostly takes place in our premises however, it can be arranged online as well. You book an allotted time to call and we take it from there. You as a client will choose number of session and frequency of being our client. We normally ask clients commit to minimum one to three months coaching in order to see real sustainable change.

We work with the client needs such as that they usually prefers one session a week initially to kick-start their development and then fewer and fewer as they reach their goal.

Important disclamer: The Centre is not providing psychological therapy nor we work with people with diagnosticized mental illnesses. We aren’t’ either new age guru, dietician or miracle worker. We may look to your past to see what might be holding you back but coaching is dynamic as it works in the here and now and gives you a practical route to where you want to be.

As Your Coach and Mentor we shall be

  • Entirely committed to your success
  • Available in between sessions for free email coaching to keep you continually supported
  • Constantly inspiring and motivating you along the way
  • Giving you a completely confidential service
  • A hand to hold or rocket fuel if you need it
  • Offering unconditional support throughout the coaching process
  • Always providing creative ways of helping you
  • Believing in you even when you don’t

When can You start?
This very minute!

Sow an action and you reap a HABIT; sow a habit and you reap a CHARACTER; sow a character and you reap a DESTINY.

Being just fine or OK isn’t good enough any longer. You have two options:

Leave things as they are, and just keep walking and pretending everything’s ok, or take an initiative and move on in order to change results that you do not like. Things that negatively affect your health and the quality of your life?

Many people choose to create problems for themselves and than spend lots of time and energy to overcome the same problems. Once you understand why things that cause numerous problems in your life do happen, will help you to unfold and expose you to the root cause of everything the problems you are facing in life.
How to eradicate problems and challenges in your life?
Find out

Good health is not something you can buy. There is no greater poverty than ignorance. In the age of information and technology being ignorant is your choice. Heal yourself with self-knowledge

  • Human mind and body are parts of the same system – Whatever happens to one affects the other
  • People have all the resources that they need for happy and successful life. There are no resourceful people. There are only resourceful states.
  • If you always do what you've always done, you always get the same results. If you do not like them, change your strategies!
  • You are the only one who think in your mind. Hence, your life is a mirror reflecting your inner world. You create your own reality and everyone in it.
  • Do not take your life too serious. Keep moving!


To inspire, motivate and teach people using their full potential and stop playing a blame-game.


Awaking your own and authentic vision of where or who You want to be as the greatest asset you have!

Right Way
Of Thinking

Right Way Of
Using Language



What Is Holistic Lifestyle And Why Does It Matter?

Millions of people around the world are affected by an autoimmune disease as well as the chronic disease that negatively impact the overall quality of our lives. The conventional medicine approach to treatment -to prescribe drugs, is inevitable yet insufficient as it often fails to address the underlying causes and it obviously can not stop these negative trends. Principles of functional medicine and holistic approach to our body, mind and spirit can reverse it. Rather than dealing with symptoms of an illness, holistic approach to the ”holly trinity” – your body, mind and spirit, provide for a different view to your health and your lifestyle because the focus is on what does cause your illness and it can easily unfold into lethal disease.

Do you know the cause of your disease? Did you know that any disease is driven by our behaviour and environment, rather than our genes? What it means is that we all have the power to prevent or reverse chronic illness just by adopting healthier habits. Although as it sound simple, changing your habits is anything but easy because it takes motivation,strategy and drive to change your habits, especially if you’ve been doing things a certain way for a long, long time. Most of all, it takes support. FocusIN Center can help you to excel your health and life.

We can help you to excel your health and life.
Holistic approach lifestyle considers the whole person – body, mind, spirit, and emotions in the quest for optimal health and wellness. It is based on a presumption that one can achieve optimal health by gaining proper balance in life. We believe that the whole person is made up of interdependent parts and if one part is not working properly, all the other parts will be affected. Consequently, if you happen to have some imbalances – be it emotional, physical, or spiritual, it can negatively affect your overall health and ultimately your life. The goal is to balance your disbalanced body by employing healthy way of thinking, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle in general.

Holistic lifestyle to your health and your lifestyle remains the best prevention against diseases and condition of a healthy and balanced life.

As of now you can follow us on our You Tube English Channel Myra’s Life Concept

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Covid-19 Online Support Service

Crisis intervention and online support through Coaching and Individual Consultations
How can you get rid of negative emotions, fear, anxiety and remain positive and optimistic in spite of very challenging time we are all facing wtith?

Crisis intervention coaching and counseling services can be obtained by:
Zoom, Viber or WhatsApp video calls +385 99 7815 790

Eligible clients are those for whom at least one of the following apply

  • Individual who is diagnosed with COVID-19 virus but who is not a patient of a hospital
  • Individual who is being required to isolate themselves in quarantine in accordance with home isolation guidance
  • Individual who is already under treatment for chronic health conditions or is immune-compromised; or the person meets the current national triage protocol criteria for suspected COVID-19

Online Consultations

Do you have an issue or a problem you can not handle it by yourself? We remain at your disposal here and now. Call us!
We all encounter number of issues and challenges in our lives – what’s yours? Are you fed up with an average life and daily routine and you’ve made a decision to make a turnaround in your life in order to take control of your life? Well done!

Personal consultations and counselling is a process taking place between a counsellor and a client whereby consultations through coaching helps you to set and achieve goals to move forward in life, while counselling helps you recognise and solve your problems in life. Both approaches create a positive, healing relationship between the counsellor/coach and a client that is the medium for change. We are trained in understanding human behaviour and motivation. Both help clients set and achieve their goals.
Before you immediately dismiss the idea, consider that verbalizing feelings can have a significant therapeutic effect on the brain. In other words, getting your worries out in the open particularly with someone trained to help you manage them,is a good thing for your well-being.

We are using very powerful and efficient techniques and tolls to help our client to repair, or remove an issue or a problem, or simply provide you with a support, inspire and empower you to move forward – to get the life you deserve and be the best version of yourself. You can do it and you deserve it.

Wake up! Act now!
There is always a solution for every problem or a challenge in your life, so for yours too. Do not waste your resources and ask now for your or your teen boy or a teen girl online consultations or personal counselling.

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