To laugh often and much; to win the respect of the intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the beauty in others; to leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that one life has breathed easier because you lived here. This is to have succeeded. – R.W. Emerson

Everyone needs self-work, even if you are super successful or the most well adjusted person. Self-work is any action you take towards self-improvement. Why is important?

For three reasons:
1. To improve your self-awareness.
2. To know and build your own identity – rather than being someone’s else copy.
3. To discover and develop your talents and unleash your unlimited potentials.

Working on oneself and how will you know that you are making progress?

Our clients benefit by
  • Achieving better relationships at work and at home
  • Developing beneficial health routines
  • Overcoming blocks and continually learning new skills
  • Discovering what’s important to them to pursue their goals with energy and conviction
  • Taking charge of your life
  • Winning friends and influencing people
  • Modelling excellence
  • Discovering who’s directing your life
  • Grasping how your fears can drive you in the wrong directions
  • Understanding the process of communication
  • Filtering reality
  • Going through your emotions
  • Changing limiting beliefs
  • Creating an empowering beliefs
  • Understanding your behaviours
  • Upgrading your capabilities and skills
  • Understanding how your memories are organized
  • Releasing negative emotions and limiting decisions
  • Finding forgiveness
  • Getting rid of anxiety
  • Creating a better future
  • Becoming whole
  • Resolving internal and external conflicts
  • Figuring out what you want
  • Developing yourself
  • Managing your personal and professional relationships
  • Negotiating a win-win solutions
  • Manage yourself – manage your life
  • Influencing with integrity
  • Achieving better relationships at work and at home
  • Developing beneficial health routines
  • Overcoming blocks and continually learning new skills
We work with a client to help them among others
  • Create and develop strategies, action plans and environments to help them achieve their goals
  • Discover who they are, what’s their value system, their limited believes, etc.
  • Identify and clarify their desired outcomes
  • Expand the awareness of their thoughts, feelings and actions in order to align them to their desired outcomes
We work on the three level whether separately or simultaneously

On the body or physical level. It means that we work closely in terms of what is going on in the client’s physical world. In other words, what is actually happening in their experience and in the environments of their life. We coach our clients to create environments and action plans that support their goals and desires.


On the mind level, we work with clients to reveal their underlying and limiting beliefs, as the cause that is creating the physical manifestation or effects in their lives. We coach our clients to move beyond these limiting beliefs and create and incorporate new thoughts, beliefs and actions that are aligned with their goals and desired outcomes.


On the spiritual level, we work with the client to realize that we live in a co-creative universe with a Higher Power in order to grow into the person they want to be. Practical insights and step-by-step exercises for personal growth and self-mastery drawn from 4000-year-old wisdom of Kabbalah.
We address a different aspect of life, including: self-discipline, empathy, making mistakes, relationships, anger, anxiety/depression, identity, self-esteem, harmony and prayer.


Coaching is one of the biggest investments you can make in your life so it is important that you know you are getting value for money.

With FocusIN you will be guaranteed to get

Unconditional support, commitment and belief in all that you want to achieve and who you are.

  • Practical tools to help you break down your goals into doable steps
  • More energy, focus, clarity and satisfaction after just a few sessions
  • A hand to hold or rocket fuel if you need it
  • Free of charge email access to me between the sessions so that you are completely supported throughout your coaching journey
  • Occasional homework to do between sessions which will speed up your progress

Coaching mostly takes place in our premises or online. You book an allotted time to call and we take it from there. You as a client will choose number of session and frequency of being our client. We normally ask clients commit to minimum one to three months coaching in order to see real sustainable change.

We work with the client’s needs such as that they usually prefers one session a week initially to kick-start their development and then fewer and fewer as they reach their goal.

Disclaimer: We are not delivering psychological therapy nor we work with people with diagnosticized mental illnesses. We aren’t’ either new age guru, dietician or miracle worker. We may look to your past to see what might be holding you back but coaching is dynamic as it works in the here and now and gives you a practical route to where you want to be.

What's the coach job?

First of all to clarify your goal and then come up with doable strategies that will effortlessly get you to where you want to be.

As your Coach and Mentor we shall be

• Entirely committed to your success
• Available in between sessions for free email coaching to keep you continually supported
• Constantly inspiring and motivating you along the way
• Giving you a completely confidential service
• A hand to hold or rocket fuel if you need it
• Offering unconditional support throughout the coaching process
• Always providing creative ways of helping you
• Believing in you even when you don’t

When can we start?

The sooner, the better. We shall be happy to help and work with you.