What’s trust in your opinion? This word is so much deflated and used commonly that people forget or do not know at all that there is a higher, or if you want a spiritual dimension within the trust.

Accountability, action and beyond positive thinking represent the three fundamental principles on which the truth is founded essentially.

When it comes to accountability, trust remains one of the most important element in any true communication, because it creates the fertile ground for any kind of healthy relationships. To trust someone does not mean at all that a person we trust is perfect. No, it actually means that a person a essentially accountable rather than perfect. Hence, trust is about accountability, not on perfection

When it comes to action, trust is one of our basic tool in terms of our resources we all have at our disposal. However, to put it into motion in order to uncover its power, it requires our action to be unveiled. It goes without saying that trust needs to be earned, meaning we should not be naïve and trust anyone that comes our way. On the other hands, we should not fear to trust others even though we might have been hurt and our trust was violated in the past. So, we’d better make an effort and discover the power of trust in our souls. When we finally find trust in our lives and when we learn to trust others, in other words, when others can trust us, our lives are immeasurably improved, and trust can change the course of our destinies.

Last but not least, trust is not just being at peace with any given situation because you believe in G-d or some supreme higher power because trust is about the certainty that you can change destiny. Hence,think good and it will be good – Not just “think good” period – Not merely positive thinking, but that by thinking good it will be good. It means that the trust is the absolute conviction that goodness will prevail, and that we have the power to make it happen. This conviction comes from the innermost recesses of our souls.

Here’s little exercise for you – think about an issue in your life in which you can just think good about. Now, you may envision a good outcome, and cultivate your trust that it will actually come to be.

Invest in yourself!