Do you ever ask yourself of what it means to be alive? In other words, how does it feel like to just exist? To be? What does life feel like?

I have a news for you guys – if you can describe these feelings, it s a clear sign that something is wrong. Why is so or how come? Well, it was difficult to understand even to myself, nevertheless, you must know that your health has simply no any sensation. Hence, illness, pain or when some things go wrong in your life, you feel something, right? You feel either pain or strong sensation of some feelings and emotions.

On the other hand, when you feel healthy, psycho-physically, you are breathing normally, have a regular heartbeat, you do not feel sensation. Correct? You just are. There we come to my initial question, what does “alive” feel like? Well, whether you believe or not, whether you accept or not, the truth is my friends, that feeling ”alive” has no sensation.

This is not my wisdom or invention at all. I just wanted to share with you one of many wisdom from a divine Kabbalah – how it should feel to be alive; how does it feel to have a healthy soul in a healthy body – in other words, how does it feel simply ”Being”?

You know that our body contains many memories and secrets, be it those unpleasant or divine sensations. All those secrets in our body have also a purpose – purpose to alert you to the deeper state of your being.

You may thought that bodily pain and pleasure are by circumstances experiences, but that is not the case because human body’s feelings often reflect its psyche’s needs.

What can we deduce from these is the following: Your life simply means ”TO BE”, to ”EXIST” whereby ”being” has no sensations. True, it can experience a sensation, however, on its own, IT JUST IS!

Furthermore, as soon as you FEEL TO EXIST, you are not experiencing existence itself, but its manifestation of it. Consequently, the more YOU ARE AWARE of yourself, the LESS you are actually BEING!

When you feel completely immersed in the experience, to the extent in which you cannot distinguish between you and the experience, is the truest experience. Remember when you do something you like with a passion and motivation, or you talk to someone you love, to the point where you didn’t even feel yourself. Time flown and you did not even realize what time was, till you get out of the moment and suddenly feel the time and the place.

When your outer self is disconnected from your inner self, awareness is a necessary step to return. However, the ultimate experience is when you reach a unity with your inner voice that doesn’t not even require a state of awareness, where you are not conscious of yourself and only serve as a channel of a higher consciousness and where the subject and the object have fused into one.

Only when realize that you consist not only just a body, but a same body containing a soul, you will be able to recognize that there is a far higher purpose to your life, and a far deeper meaning to what you feel in your body.

Both, your lack of sensation or your sensations express your inner self. How?
Well, firstly, your awareness of your own awareness actually serves as wake-up call to help you regain contact with your inner self and reach beyond self-consciousness. In other words, living a life of complete seamless immersion in the purpose of your life.
Secondly, as you connect to a supra-sensory state you can then manifest them in your sensations and senses. Like when you listen to music or gaze at a beautiful scene,your audio and visual senses experience something that transcends the senses.
Thirdly, your feelings, be it pain or pleasure, serve as a catalyst in order to reach your soul -your spiritual consciousness.

The bottom line is that feeling pain or any other sensations in your body are actually good, because they provide you with an opportunity to challenge the way you look at life. Hence, they can either destroy you and your life, or they can strengthen you and bring you new and revealing life perspective. Therefore, you’d better ask yourself not just why you sometimes feel yourself, but rather what you are meant to learn from it.

Do you know the answer?