Have you ever asked yourself what’s the difference between existing and living? People get very much confused and do not know at all a difference between these two verbs (or nouns). You know what existing do actually mean? It means means primarily my dear that you simply occupy the space on the Earth, whereby the Living means that you can make a contribution to the world! It means that You, yes, You, have a function and purpose in life.

So, are you busy with existing or Living? Ask yourself more frequently!

Secondly, all of our needs comes from existing because in order to exist you need to ear, sleep, wear clothes, security, etc. Guess what? Life makes no demands because it means that you can do something. You’re in this world with a reason and purpose.

Thirdly, existing is very much depressing whereby I think that depression means having too much existence as a burden and an embarrassment. You occupy a space. Depression is simply a state when you take your existence seriously . If you take it even more seriously you may end up clinically depressed. So, depression means that your existence got you so heavy to carry you take up space so intensively that you simply have no energy for anything else.

Guys, if you think that every song in life is about you your existence is than really way out of control. You than obviously exist too much. Be humble for a while. Humble your existence! This is why we keep asking a questions ”why we are here”? This question is obviously not an academic but rather painful question these days.

I could continue on this subject on and on, but I’ll tell you one thing – the purpose of your existence is actually a Life. So, shut up and serve some purpose in your Life. Be useful and think who does need you, rather than what do you need to fulfill just occupying the space!

Have a nice day! Have a meaningful Living!