Is your life controlled by you or you control it?

Most people drift through life with no sense of purpose, with no direction or true joy. They actually pay no attention to the fact they aren’t happy. They never address how their mindset actually work and choices they take every day that led to that state of permanent unhappiness although most of them acting like a ”happy”! No worry, if they ask themselves these questions, they might be able to reverse their current mental, emotional, psychophysical current state of being.

Most people have limiting beliefs and so their life is limited. They believe life is hard, life is a challenge and full of sadness and misery. They believe at some level consciously or subconsciously their best days are behind them. They believe fitting in and wearing masks will get them a better or easier life than being their true self and following their true passions.

Unfortunately, their happiness is dependent on what happens outside themselves. These people aren’t in control of life since life is in control of them.

If you aren’t able to switch your beliefs about life, why do not try with these seven empowering beliefs. Your life will start to work for you and the blessings will appear. The joy that is inside you will start rising.

Let me share with you these 7 ”must have” beliefs you must apply in your daily life if you wish to live a great life:

1. I decide how I feel no matter the circumstances
Ever noticed how unhappy people seem to get upset over just about anything? Did you also notice that they seem to have a lot to be unhappy about ? The truth is they let every little circumstance make them unhappy – someone cuts them off in traffic, ruins their day; someone says something unkind, they replay it in their mind for weeks.

Hence, when you adopt the belief that you are in control over how you feel and you commit to do the daily work on yourself two things happen: the first is that you become empowered. Know what, nothing has the power to make you unhappy, but only your thoughts can do that. It is you my friend who must decide what every event, situation and circumstance mean to you, in other words, how do you interpret them in your mind. Only you! Secondly, when you adopt this belief, you also start to attract better circumstances! When you are putting out better energy – better is attracted to you, and you notice more of the magic all around you!

Know that YOU decide how you feel and commit to do that daily work on yourself so you can start and live every day in a happy and meaningful state.

2. I have so much to be thankful
For this is pretty easy for anyone to understand – happy people are happy because they appreciate more than unhappy people. Yes, it is as simple as that. It has been said million times you can be happy with little, or, you can be miserable with much knowing . Rather than accumulate wealth or things as your potential goal, it is rather for you to get to a place where you feel like you have everything because that is all it is a feeling feel blessed and you’ll be blessed , feel blessed and you are blessed.

3. Being myself attracts the right people number
One of greatest tragedies of human beings is that the majority change who they are to fit into the world because they believe being like someone else will make them fit in better with others or be liked by others. The truth is you’ll never attract the right people by being someone you are not, thus, be yourself and the right people for you will show up. The right people will love the real you.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment.

Therefore, have the courage to be you always believe and know if you do so the perfect people and circumstances will show up in your life.

4. I am capable of anything
Successful people know with absolute certainty that anything they believe can be their reality. Imagine what you could create in your life with the belief – I am capable of anything.
Know it and apply it to something you want, that dream you have planned for it. Work for it and go get it that change you’ve been putting off. Believe you can do it and go for it. Work for it. Remember, that the action is required!

5. Kindness always wins
Many believes (some were taught to think this way at home and at schools!) that kindness is weakness. They believe kind people get walked over. They’ll point to an example from years ago where they gave their heart and soul and that one person trampled all over it, so they adopted the belief that this is what happens every time they are kind if someone tripped you over once while you were walking you wouldn’t let that person stop you from walking with you. It’s not the walking that made you trip over – it was the unkind person in life. Yes, some people did or will do you wrong however, that doesn’t mean you throw everyone into the same basket.

Thus, be kind because that’s who you are – not because you want something out of it, like a transaction. Who do you think kind people are attracted? To other kind people! Others who refuse to be kind do so because they were hurt by someone else long ago. Who do you think amazing people love to be around? Those who are kind and genuine are those who are closed off do good by others.

Treat others how you want to be treated, not because you want something from them, but because you know the world is a little better. Every time someone likes you, does good thing, no matter how small it is.

6. I have so much to offer
You know that everything is a blessing or a lesson we’ve all been through hard times every one of us. Some people who have been through minor hard times believe that their life is far less because of the event. Others who have been through pure hell believe at some level it was sent as either a lesson or a blessing. Think of the survivors of diseases or abuse – they go through the worst kinds of pain. Nevertheless, because of that pain they rise out of it with a new passion for life. They rise out of it with a sense of purpose wanting to help people who are going through the same pain.

Learn from your past and you can use it. Believe it was sent to make you stronger better and more compassionate. Believe there was a reason for it!

7. My best is yet to come! Let me go over
Hey, what would you attempt what could you achieve if you knew your best was yet to come? Well guess what? Your best is yet to come! Look yourself in the mirror every morning and tell yourself three times ”my best is yet to come”. Believe in it and live that belief. Create something. Many things in your life that are the best result you’ve ever achieved in that area.

Now, ponder about each of these seven beliefs or principles. Think about them – where do you stand in applying them? Start applying them NOW! Try it! Doesn’t cost you anything (but your ego!).

If you do, making your life less magical will be simply impossible. A reasonable life can be achieved by anyone regardless to their origin, social status, position, job, …. because guess what? If you want a great life, you must commit to leading a great life, to doing things with a commitment and passion. The problem is that the majority do not do commit to thinking, like the minority not like the majority.

Remember this – success, no matter how you interpret it, my friends, is not an accident. Living a great and happy life, won’t come by luck or chance! There is no such a thing as a magi wand that will work magically for you. You must do it yourself!
Fortunately, there are principles that lead to success, happy and meaningful life. Hence, should you be committed to these principles, you too can live a wonderful life we are all thriving to it. I can not emphasize enough how important is for you understand that You my friend must work for it. It is up to you because you are your only limit. No one can stop you.

So, take responsibility for your life and you will take control of your life. Successful people do not blame others because they focus on what they can do.

Why don’t you consider yourself taking a new path?