Most people live a life of quiet desperation.” – Henry Thoreau

Aren’t you sick and tired of being just an observer in life doing over and over again your own or other people’s damage control? Sure, you are and it’s OK.

Is your room, home or your workstation in disorderliness? Is your inbox overflowing? You are behind on your bills? Your workstation is messy The list could go on and on, couldn’t it? Wherever you look there are things to be done. Seems like your life is a complete mess, and you are clueless where to start and how can you take control of it?

The three steeps you need to take on your path to happiness and success
Even thinking about putting your life in order discourage you. Let me tell you that there are usually multiple factors that are all interconnected with each other, whereby creating a dissonance and a sense of fragmentation. So, how can you take control of your life?

First of all through action, rather than inertia and being desperate and complaining all the time. Taking action means simply making a move, be it getting out of a unhealthy situation, start working out, changing job you hate, changing unhealthy diet regime, reading a book or asking for help if you are unable to cope with it by yourself. Whatever new you can do that is different from your current state of play be it on professional or a private sphere of life. Believe me, it’s all about your emotions that is keeping you trapped in a daily life routine filled with bunch of unhealthy habits. And you know that to break bad and unhealthy habits requires first and foremost, taking action – making a change. Little by little. Step by step.

As I outlined, should you find yourself in a state of desperation where you perceive that you exhausted all possible ways and you see no way out, you’d better seek a coach or any other professional help that can get you out of your stuck situation. That is also form of action.

Secondly,properly evaluate and examine your current state of life. How do you communicate with yourself? What do you focus your thoughts on? Do you have a purpose in life? What are your objectives and where exactly are you headed?

If you find it difficult examining your life, you’d better ask yourself why is so? I can reassure you that in most cases the cause reason to this ‘why’ comes as the result of fear. Fear as the most destructive human emotions that can totally paralyse us and disable us to look at ourselves.So, be honest with yourself, in other words ask yourself ”Am I just afraid to be honest with myself”?

Last bit not least, the secret to a balanced life is not so much in tidying up life’s messiness, but rather in learning to deal with the reality of it. Life is full of ups and downs and unknown variables. In spite of all those unknown variables, the bottom line is having ability to embrace your life as it is and celebrate it whereby I mean that every morning when you wake up instead of already seeing in your mind black thoughts and assuming just another lousing day, you say to yourself, “Oh boy, what a wonderful day to get out and face the world – to take the all opportunities the world has to offer. My best is yet to come”!

Taking control of your life is about accepting all those imperfection you may have and simply learn to take your precious life as it comes. You know that very frequently control means letting go. Of course, not in terms of irresponsible behavior and acting, but just by being able to riding the waves of life. Just imagine a skilled and highly trained captain of a ship or a fighter going into a difficult and scary situation. You think they have time to go looking for it? No. hen it comes they are ready and prepared. They know it’s gonna be tough, scary or even painful, nevertheless, their odds are favorable.

You too have an opportunity to use the same approach to adversities and messy life when you encounter them and we all do, some more some less in our lives. Therefore, your only point of control is the surfing skill set you need to develop in order to be able to adapt and make the best out of whatever obstacle comes your way. Please try to understand it is not what really happens to you that matters, but rather how do you respond to what happens because ultimately it will be your response that will determine all outcomes in your life, be it professional or private.

Success is not only in your talents and abilities but in choices you make today in the application of the waves. Why? Simply due to fact that we can not fight or change the wave or the weather, can we? Hey, but yes, we can adapt to it. Hence, you’d better learn and adapt to the new skill of being a good surfer who will convert occasional challenges and hardships into opportunities.

Good luck!