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Myra’s Life Concept channel offers you many useful tips, clips and pattern that can help you to discover and learn a lot about yourself and how to build a new healthy lifestyle concept.

My teaching and life philosophy is based on the principles of humanistic psychology and unconventional medicine without medicines and drugs.

It’s good to understand that the classic medicine cures only symptoms of sickness be it physical, emotional or psychological. On the other side, holistic medicine and generally holistic lifestyle concept that I apply in my daily life and work, focuses on the cause or the root of all our problems and life challenges.

Therefore, our health isn’t just being free of illness. It is about feeling great and feeling well and happy in your mind, body and soul. Health is remembering only the good parts of your childhood and believing in yourself and your potentials. To become healthy and whole, it is necessary to balance your body, mind and spirit. When these three elements are in balance, you start to live and stop to exist. No medicine or doctors can provide you with this. It is You who must search inside yourself within.

To be able to appy this concept, it is necessary to learn how to think critically for yourself, how to communicate with yourself and others, how to sharpen you five senses, how to take care of your body, how to have positive mental attitude about yourself and life and eliminate old and limited patterns that you’ve been carrying for a long time, and how to develop a strong spiritual connection.

Are you ready?

Get connected with me and discover the best version of yourself because you deserve the best. Good luck on your journey! My blessings to all of you!

You can contact me via email: info@focusin-holisticlifestyle.com

Mastering Your EQ Skills For Success

If you wish to learn the necessary skills to succeed in your career, or simply to start to live rather than exist in this life and have a life with purpose, than this video series is for you because I will touch upon the key issues that concern your life and your future as well.

The key topic of these videos will be about the essential skills that you didn’t or you don’t actually learn these days in school or in your academic and post academic education. Skills that you lack and consequently seriously affect your life – be it your professional, social, parental and generally your life as such.
The essential skills you’ll need to succeed and live a balanced, healthy and successful post-Covid19 world. Take this unique opportunity. The pandemic is shaking the pillars on which our society is based. Hence, invest in your knowledge and news skills that will help you to overcome inevitable challenges in your life be it your health and mental well-being, school, career, relationships, etc.
You have no time to put on standby and of these. So, start today!

Turn The Ligt On

About Life Force and why’s only one single Life Force?

What Have We Learned In The 2020.?

My Best Wishes In The New Year!

Tell The Truth


Playing With Your Mind – Towards Failure Or A Success?

How do you use your mind?


What Are The Top Silent Killers Of Your Relationships

Find out what are the major factors that can aggravate and ultimately end the relationship with your spouse or your partner?

Being Teenager – My Message To You

How can you fight challenges and empower yourself?

If You Could Be A God

Have you ever asked yourself what would you do if you were a God for one day?

Time Shift: Evolve Or Expire?

The New World is coming and it requires us to evolve otherwise we’ll simply expire. What your happiness is to do with it?

A Glass Half Empty vs A Glass Half Full Type Of Thinker?

Find out how can you improve your mental attitude and outlook

Life On The Inside

How do you perceive your reality?

What Family Mission Statement Are You Sending To Your Children?

What do you teach your children? To be rich and famous or to be right and upright?

Are You A Problem Solver Or A Solution Seeker?

How does the problem solving process work and where and why people do mistakes that derails the entire process towards solution seeking?

The Choices We Make Today Have Consequences And Shape Our Life?

Proverb: ”As ye sow, so shall ye reap”

Life is your garden that consists of thoughts, emotions and actions. Those who tend with conscious awareness planting beautiful flowers, will have a fragrant flourishing garden to enjoy. Take responsibility for your life and know that your actions, decision and choices you make today, will always have some consequences and manifest in your life. Sooner or later. Be careful.

Little Note Of Happiness

A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of the success combined with constant restlessness- A. Einstein

Welcome To Myra’s Life Concept You Tube Channel

Myra’s Life Concept channel offers you many useful tips clips and pattern that can help you to discover and learn a lot about yourself and how to build a New and Healthy Lifestyle Concept in Life.

Are You Ready? For further information or consultations you may contact me:
tel. +385 99 7815 790

Are Chronic And Incurable Diseases Actually Curable Without Lifelong Treatments?

What are disadvantages of conventional medicine and whys of utmost important cure the root of a disease rather than just treat the consequence or the symptoms?

Dealing with setbacks and challenges can be very tough. How to bounce them back?

Dealing with the challenges in our lives can be really tough especially if you have some goals in mind and you are overwhelmed. I share with you several suggestions how to deal with the setbacks and what stages are necessary you go through the process of achieving your goals as well as several rules attached to these suggestions.

Grow beyond fear and connect to your source

Ahead of the Jewish New Year – Rosh Hashanah 5781, I wished to take this opportunity to share commemorate with you that celebrate the creation of our World and share with you my thoughts about what we as a human race can do in order to upgrade ourselves as being a better human being.
Shana Tova Everyone!

Chained in the rhythm of ignorance

Why are we chained in the rhythm of ignorance? What’s a difference between Ignorance and Nescience. Don’t accept to be an ignorant and seek for the Truth!

Kako da se motivirate i zašto je opasna demotivacija?

Život nije lak a izazovna vremena u kojima živimo samo to potvrđuju. Počela je jesen i mnoštvo obveza na poslu, u školi, u obitelji, itd. Život ide dalje i tako treba bez obzira na ovu situaciju koja ne može i ne smije biti opravdanje da pokleknete i potonete. Zato pogledajte moj video u kojem govorim o tome kako da se pokrenete i uopće motivirate bez obzira čime se bavili ili ne bavili. Da li ste učenik, student, zaposlen, nezaposle,itd. I zašto demotovacija može biti itekako opasna za vaše psihofizičko zdravlje.

Ta početk pronađite što je to što vas motivira. Pametno definirajte svoje ciljeve i bez straha krenite u njihovu realizaciju. Ako vam se ne sviđa put kojim koračate, slobodno potražite neki drugi.