What makes human life valuable? The Bible tells us that the God views every single person as an individual with value and worth. What is it about life that makes it valuable?

Each of us is created with a unique mission in life, one that nobody else can fulfill. It’s easy to get caught up in survival mode as many humans live these days. They are spiritual death men. Nevertheless, one can transcend the apathy that results from merely surviving by asking yourself what your specific set of talents and skills are needed for in the world.

To identify your uniqueness, take a close look at your strengths. Ask yourself what is it that you are you good at, or, where you’ve contributed the most? You know what ? Your contribution to the world is as important as the ones that make breaking news headlines! You’re just not aware of it and all the effects of your actions!

Once you define your distinct abilities, you are well on your way to becoming a giver instead of a taker. Armed with awareness of your gifts, and the self-confidence it exudes, you can live a purpose driven live — a life driven not by what you need but by what you are needed for. A proactive life instead of a reactive one.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, find ways to use your strengths, particularly to help other people. The daily affirmation, “I know what I need, but do I know what I am needed for?” will remind you to do so

Sometimes it seems like our lives don’t matter. Whether you are just having a bad day, or in the depths of anxiety, or whatever. Frequently, you may ask yourself “Does my life matter at all?” But you are wrong if you do ask such a question because I can reassure you that your life matter if you recognize its full potential and values. If you recognize your potentials and values. On the other hand, life doesn’t matter a lot to spiritually dead persons.

Let me start first with Why your life matters?

Your life matters BECAUSE:

  • You were chosen to be born and to live in this world.
  • You were chosen to be born and to live in this world.
  • You have a unique role to play in the grand scheme of things.
  • The world would be different if you were not born.
  • You have a contribution to make to the world even if you’re not sure what it is.
  • You have said and will say again kind words that made somebody’s day.
    You might save someone’s life one day.
  • There are things you’ve learned that you need to teach.
  • Nobody can look out at life with exactly the same eyes as you do.
  • You have the ability to choose, and that is a gift.
  • You can rectify mistakes by approaching the same situations in better ways in the future.
  • You can inspire someone who feels broken.
  • Your body is a channel for your soul.
  • Your potential for growth is unlimited.
  • Every morning is an opportunity to renew your connection to your soul.
  • Every night is an opportunity to take stock of the day and plan for a better tomorrow.
  • Your cells are constantly regenerating, which means that at the cellular level you are always changing and progressing.
  • Everything you see in the world has a lesson to teach you.
  • Every day that you are alive you are acquiring experience and knowledge.
  • The real you is the inner you, and when you are living with the real you, your life takes on greater meaning.
  • Ambition and creativity are lifelong journeys, so your life matters regardless of your age.
  • The journey of your life is more important than your material accomplishments.
  • You are inherently good
  • Your life matters because you care enough to regret your mistakes.
  • You are a partner in the creation of the world. You co-create reality with the Universe and You have the power to shape your future.
  • ….,,,,,

Spiritually dead person

Spiritually dead person is a person who charges up his credit card irresponsibly and then has to live with the hangover of past-due bills over the next six months. It’s a person who constantly gives into their kids’ whining and manipulation because they have no long-term perspective of what kind of teenager or adult they want their child to turn into. It’s a person who constantly gives into their sexual urges, or their appetite for food or drink, PC or TV because that will give immediate gratification. They never say no to themselves for the sake of a long-term goal.
In other words, it is a person who has no goals. No plan to become more fully alive in some area. They live life with no real intentionality. They do not really have an intentional plan about growing in my relationship with God spiritually, neither they have any kind of plan regarding their body – like how I’m going to be in shape and stay in shape. Relationally, they do not have any goals, any intentionality regarding maintaining friendships, connecting with key people, improving their family life. Emotionally, they have no goals for getting rid of some negative emotional baggage that they have been carrying forever. Getting healed up financially …

Do you recognize yourself in any of these ? I am sure you do. Our solo efforts are doomed to failure. Hence, we need higher and divine power.

What is spirituality in my daily life?
No matter if you’re Christian, Muslim, a Jew or a Hindu, spirituality is where you and God meet and what you do about it. For most people, spirituality is every day, nothing special. On the contrary, spirituality is a matter of seeing the holy in the everyday, and invites us to wake up and open our eyes to the holy things happening all around us every day.

A lot of them are so obvious they are taken for granted unless, you are struck with illness or have experienced misfortune. When we wake up and see the morning light, that’s a spiritual moment. When we learn from others and grow wise. When we embrace people we love and receive their love in return. When we help those around us and feel good. All these and more are there for us every day, but you have to open your eyes to see them. Otherwise, you miss it.

Do not miss your life! Do not miss being spiritual! Do not miss being a man!

Strive for goodness, not things! Live in honesty, integrity and dignity, because they matter more than anything else.