What’s Personality Disorder?

A personality disorder represents a long-term pattern of Thinking, Emotion and Behaviour that is inflexible, extreme and as a reult it is DYSFUNCTIONAL.

As such, it causes distress for affected person and makes it difficult to function in everyday life. Furthermore, affected people find it hard to change their behaviour or adapt to different circumstance or situations due to a very low stress and frustration tolerance.

The most frequesnt signs of personality disorder

  • Intense MOOD SWINGS: Extreme changes in mood, such as frequent outbursts of anger or depression, are common in people with personality disorders.
  • Difficulty in regulating EMOTIONS: They struggle with regulating their emotions, leading to outbursts, self-harm, or suicidal tendencies.
  • Impulsive BEHAVIOR : They may engage in reckless or impulsive behaviour, such as drug abuse, pornography, gambling, or unsafe sex.
  • Distorted SELF-IMAGE : They have a distorted self-image or a strong sense of entitlement, leading to behaviour that is selfish, manipulative or exploitative.
  • Lack of EMPATHY : They have difficulty understanding and relating to the feelings of others.
  • Difficulty in RELATIONSHIPS : They struggle to build and maintain healthy relationships due to their emotional instability, inability to empathize with others and negative behaviour patterns.
  • Difficulty ADAPTING TO NEW SITUATIONS : They may struggle with change and may find it challenging to adjust to new situations or social norms.

Support is available

Having a personality disorder is definitely a great challenge not only on the affected person’s life, but also to their family and friends.
If you’d like support for yourself or someone you know, do not hesitate contacting me.info@focusin-holisticlifestyle.com

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