This simple and little exercise can be very powerful and can become part of your daily Self-Work and it is free of cost.

At the end of the day and every day, ask yourself these Qs:

  1.  What  did I accomplish today?
  2.  Have I been kind to myself and towards others?
  3.  Have I done some act of kindness to other person sincerely rather than being calculating and     thinking what’s in it for me?
  4.  How can I repair or correct mistakes I did yesterday?
  5.  How can tomorrow be better than today?


Be persistent and consistent! Keep on working on that every day and you’ll see that slowly and steadily your life will change in better, meaning more meaningful. Nevertheless, forget not  that nothing happens overnight. Self-work requires motivation, patients, perseverance and above all action. Action is required! Meaningful actions create success and is helping you to build or improve your self-confidence.

As you reap you will sew

 Furthermore, keep in mind that every failure or setbacks you may encounter right now, in whatever life aspect, whether it’s about your health vs. illness, academic or professional status, relationships, finance… do not come overnight. Whatever you like or thriving to or dislike, come always a result of your decisions and choices you make every single day. Making no decision and choices and being inert is also a decision for which you must take your responsibility.

Ask yourself:

  • How and to what extent decision I have made today will impact my life in the medium- or long-term future?
  • How my bad habits be it : poor diet, smoking, alcohol, lack of physical activities, consumption of toxic and negative content in reading or spending too much time on internet and social network platform, hanging on with toxic and people with negative and pessimistic view to life, negative self-talk, self-criticism, perfectionism, dishonesty, and generally speaking breaking the Natural laws – will affect my thoughts (mood), feelings and behaviour/outcomes?

Do not be led astray. Don’t be fooled and stupid. If you mess up your academic achievement, friendship, careers, health, love relationship, marriage, you may get upset and often blame God. Nothing to do with God. You did this to you for good or bad.

If you plant good and healthy habits, you’ll get good outcomes. If you plant bad and unhealthy habits, expect not good outcomes. You reap what you sow.

Consequently , if you do not like what you’re reaping, then it’s time to change what you’re sowing. If you don’t like the harvest, change the seed.

Trust the Process 

Everything in life occupies space and time, right? So even if you find yourself down and lack motivation because you see no immediate progress and everything seems like it is against you, do not take it for granted. Do not ever discourage yourself or let others to keep you down. Be patient and learn how to become your own life screenwriter and a movie director.

Do this exercise which is free of cost every day. Keep connected yourself to your inner self, connect deeply to your spouse, partner, child and to God. Soon you’ll  notice that your life will definitely improve meaning  that you will feel better, more confident and happier.

Fear not! Take action. Be consistent and persistent and you’ll be surprised!

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