You can not buy your time

I believe that in the nowadays of the pandemics being overwhelmed managing one’s time is of crucial importance. It is especially crucial if you have some goals in life and you aim to achieve success in your private and professional life.

Some of my clients are youngsters who frequently face challenge of managing their time as being distracted with online stuff in between online school or work. It is so easy to get trapped into this toxic habit. It is so easy to irrevocably waste one’s time as the most precious resources that we can not buy.

Do You Just Exist Or Do You Live?

Managing your time efficiently is a skill that can be learned as well as how to focus and channel your energies on your goals that are interconnected with your values. This is a crucial factor that will determine level of accomplishment in your life more than any other factor. It is one of the organizational skill that is essential to your success, and how you decide to spend your time is your choice after all, isn’t it?

People are wasting their time doing so many unproductive activities or by procrastinating .It’s so easy actually to spend an hour or two doing noting, however, it adds up when things need to get done. Have you ever asked yourself Whys that? Why do some people are bad time managers whereby letting time pass you by instead of t? Why, then, do people choose to kill time? This is quite literally letting time pass you by?

Based on my experience and practice, people who are wasting their resources are people who do not have clear goals in their life. Those are people who are drifting in lives and as I say just exist rather than live in a meaningful way.

Garbage in – Garbage Out!

It’s certainly much more than a phrase. It is actually a principle that explains how the mind works and many people who have understood this principle have tested and trusted it. Believe it or not, any principle that controls your mind controls you and that’s why you must take this principle seriously because it will affect what you pay attention to, who you learn from, and ultimately change you for the better.

Wasting your time can be rather a vicious cycle. If  you give yourself a 15′ break to check news updates or spending time on your social network, can easily turn into hours wasted.

Hence, if you find yourself in such situation, that you browsing internet aimlessly, get conscious and stop immediately. Think about your inefficiency in terms that by doing so you are not accomplishing anything good but filling your mind with tones of of mental garbage.

In other words, if you’re struggling with your studies, your finances, your relationships, your health, just pay attention at what information you are feeding that precious mind of yours. Because every single bit of information that you take in from outside influences, media, TV, books, network, the people you surround yourselves with, the jobs you do, – the activities we take part in, are all sowing thoughts in your minds.

Getting Things Done

I know that getting things done, ex. studying and preparing for an exam, or working on important project or doing a workout, or whatever task or activity that has a long terms impact in your life, can be indeed so daunting that it is so hard to get started.

What can you do in this respect? The more motivated you are, the more productive you will be to get things done. Consequently, you will be able to manage your time much better and much efficiently. Nevertheless, pay attention not to confuse being productive with being busy.

Now let me share with you some tips how to get done your tasks accomplished effectively.

Start doing the hardest stuff done first!

Tackle the hardest thing first or the thing that is hanging over your head, and get it done first. I am aware that it requires a discipline to act this way. Yet, it is a habit that can be learned and once acquired and applied will definitely increase your levels of performance and productivity. After all, who does want to kick off with the toughest stuff? Successful people do.

 Make your daily schedule and stick to it

Rather than ”To Do List” I prefer to use my google daily schedule list as a useful tool helping me to be orientated and guided throughout my day or a week. Having in place and of course sticking to you daily schedule is an effective way to put your organizational skills to work and prioritize tasks to save time. Implementing a structure to your day can give you a sense of control. It can also improve your focus, organization, and productivity.

Hence, why don’t you right in your schedule list your hardest task to do in the morning? Among other things also because this is often when you are most mentally alert whereby after lunch or midday, you’ll be less motivated to get started on a tough project. Once it’s done, you will feel much better and be able to make a plan for the rest of your day.

Realize what’s the most challenging task on your daily schedule and start with it!

What’s on my agenda today? If I can, is there any activity or tasks that I could put off until later?

And even more specifically, what are my deadlines? How can you do it? Well, start first with consulting your daily schedule list and move down the list until you reach the non-urgent list items. Now that you realize the most challenging task of your day today, the rest of the list does not seem as difficult to complete, does it?

Take time for pause

It’s a must. Make sure to set aside time for short mental breaks not longer than 15 minutes max per blocks. Try to understand that scheduling a block of time to relax for a moment is not the same as aimlessly scrolling the internet when you could be getting something done. Mental breaks are crucial for your mental clarity, concentration and finally your productivity.

You can choose something that will shift your mind away from your task and energize you to be able to continue afterwards. It can be quick meditation, or whatever activity you deem is relaxing and not distracting for you. If you don’t know what you can just close your eyes and be still for a moment. You can listen to the music or talk to a colleague or member of your family if you work from home. Whatever, just make sure not to interrupt your workflow.

Stop wasting your opportunities

Stop wasting your time on meaningless things and activities because you are literally wasting your opportunities To Be and Achieve More. You will never be able to go back in yesterday and make things for times that you consciously or not consciously wasted.

Hence, learn to get a handle on what is distracting you from using your time in a smart, efficient and effective way. To be and to achieve more in your life. And remember that managing your time is just one of many habits that we learn throughout life – in an efficient or efficient was.

Managing your time efficiently is a skill that can be learned

Nevertheless, as it was learnt once, it can be also unlearned if bad and programmed and again learnt as a smart habit that will facilitate and improve the quality of your life. It is all up to you and your decision concerning where and how you want to invest your time and attention – in things that will improve the quality of your health and your life or wasting your time into insignificant and actually toxic things and people that will deteriorate your health condition or life in general. What’s your choice?

Last but not least

How do you treat your mind? Do you treat it like you’ve treated your attempts to do something and never finish in the past? In a sporadic and never really committing to doing the daily things required for transformation? Then the results will always be poor and end up affecting you in some negative way. You will experience apathy and fear, paranoia, poor decision making, sadness, regret, depression…poor mental and health condition. Do not forget that we humans are replaceable with another human being and that we all have date of expiry. What’s your date of expiry? 

Only YOU CAN change this!

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