How everyday challenges affect our reality?

I believe that the challenges we all go through at some moment in life and even these days, we can look upon as a wake-up call. First of all, due to fact that, say in the last three decades our lives have undergone a very significant changes. Primarily due to development and the progress made in the technology in a way that the same technology has made our life comfortable and pleasurable. It has also taken many hardships out of life. When I was a kid we did not have all these miraculous technology and the virtual world on the fingertips. Nowadays seems to me that although technology facilitated our lives in so many ways, what happened as a consequence is that people don’t have the means for dealing with with hardship.

Who am I?

So, what I would like You, dear reader to ponder about is, that although we have the reality, -good or bad, depends how you see it, -our hardship is still present maybe more than ever before with the ongoing pandemics and uncertain future. Therefore, this is why I believe that this moment in time we live in represents really a wake-up call for each and every one of us. Why? Well, because I believe that it is a high time to start thinking in terms of Who am I what is my the purpose of my life? What do I hope to achieve in my late 60 or 80 years? Do you know? Have you asked yourself these questions lately or ever before?

You are not your job!

Throughout my life I knew few very wise people including my mom in their late 60s or 70s, I never have I heard from them saying or expressing regret that they spent more time in the office or working. Never. What happens is that these people look at the life retrospectively and they realized that they left out many of their values whereby sacrifying their lives and their family because of the work and hunting the success. I wonder why a man don’t we become wiser when we’re at a time where we can do something about it, instead when we’re in ”terminal phase”.

You do not have to be religious. Be spiritual!

Hence, I think that the fact that we have lived so much a very commercial and industrialized life and I’m not saying we should become more religious. Not at all, because and unfortunately there’s been a lot of drawbacks in organized religion and people have lost faith in organized religion. What I wish to point out is about human becoming more spiritual rather than religious. It’s because spirituality can stand independent of religion. Spirituality at least for me means being the best human being that you can.

A man vs. animal

Spirituality also means thinking about your purpose in life because animals can’t do that only human beings can do it. So, we’d better be thinking about how we can improve ourselves in order to become a better person. Animals do not seek to improve themselves trying to help humans. Either animals are being able to delay gratification or make moral decisions what’s right and what’s wrong. This is so because animals are driven by their body and if the animal wants something it has to go get it and it ca not think whether it’s right or wrong, right?

So, my point is that there are so many things that are unique about the human being. I think if all of men’s uniqueness are put together it represent that which is the unique human spirit. That is what makes us different than animals. If you awake your consciousness and become aware of all your unique qualities you poses as a human being and implement all of these things, then you are implementing the spirit and you are being spiritual.

Do you chose to exist or to live?

A person can be spiritual and have a feeling of self-worth of being and acting as a spiritual being, even without having a belief in G-d or being religious. That’s the point – Being a moral human being who knows what’s right and wrong. Being a person who lives according to the natural laws principles rather than those principles made up by a man.

It may take you some time to figure out how to achieve your unique self to become spiritual and genuinely content without constantly seeking an external validation. Yet, it’s achievable and it pays off.

Up to you which path you choose. I believe it’s a right moment to choose, because you may not have enough time or the second opportunity should you put your life on hold awaiting some better times to come. It will never come.

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