Keep going on

We’re all going through challenging period of time in our lives and frequently things don’t feel right. People feel anxious and we all crave for a more stable and balanced time. You  know what? If you wish to go higher up on a ladder, you can not stay in a comfortable position and way of thinking awaiting some ”better times”.

Be prepare that ”better times” in terms of the old paradigm are gone. Hence, you’d better prepare yourself for the new world, new programmes, NEW LIFESTYLE. The one you like, or you may not like at all.

You’d better be lifting up one leg, and for a moment, stand on one foot until the other foot settles on the next round. You know that standing just on one foot is unstable, tough to balance, and is everything but not comfortable. However, we need to remember that is how we can move higher. We need to learn not to try to come down the ladder to where we remember we used to be and feel comfortable, but to keep going up. Keep climbing.

Are you happy or content?

The simple truths in life are what brings happiness. This means focusing on simple realities: life is good. Being a white or black is good. Being a Christian or Jewish or Muslim is also OK as it is OK my family. This way of thinking enables you to be happy. Yet, there is a difference between happiness and contentment. Do you know what it is? While being content must be earned throughout one’s life, happiness is really free because it is related to gratitude, whereby contentment is related to satisfaction. Furthermore, happiness knows no doubt, while contentment is the results of the successful resolution of doubts. Hence, simple truths will produce happiness.

Only achievement brings contentment. So I am happy to be what I am, and have some higher purpose in life to serve our Creator and accomplish some good in my life, because if not, I will not be content. Once again, contentment is measured by an effort and discipline – the harder I do, the more content and grateful I will be.

What do you think?

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