Eight habits of emotionally balanced person -rare species these days:

1. …doesn’t lie to him/herself about how they feel.
2. …doesn’t listen to and learn from their feelings.
3. …doesn’t say “yes’ when they mean “no.” They are congruent by their thoughts,emotions and acts.
4. … capaple of are self-accepting and self-forgiving
5. …use the information gained from their feelings to make consistently good choices.
5. …respect, value, and listen to other people’s feelings.
7. … understand that emotional pain is a symptom of a deeper personal issue , thus, they do not blame other people.
8. … reach out to others when they need help rather than suffer alone or blaming others.

Are You emotionally healthy and balanced? It’s one of those complex and sometimes embarrassing questions that prompt people either giving a super quick answer of “of, course, I am !”, otherwise, what’s the alternative ? ”No, I am not”? Or, “I’m not sure “. The questions is rather complex and requires some thought. Emotions actually form the foundation for our ability to have healthy or unhealthy relationships, to work,get things done, to learn, in other words, to think and analyze. Emotions also supply the our attention, memory, interest, and will to act. The more emotionally developed we are, the more mentally healthy we are.

A person can really have an IQ of 200 and at the same time run miserable and unproductive and meaningless life. Hence, emotional health first.

Where do you stand ?