The clock is ticking as we approach the 2020 so we all feel a bit excited by the prospect of leaving behind the old year and beginning anew. Some of us gets so excited by this prospect that we take the time to make New Year’s resolutions, whereby bellow ten per cent of us actually achieve them. As the curtain comes down on the second decade of the third millennium , and we prepare to enter its third decade with the year 2020, many of us are wondering what the future holds. Indeed, what does? I believe only in good and positive things no matter that we are currently experiencing plenty of changes and political, social and climate challenges. Polarization and upheaval is in the air. The road ahead will certainly offer us many opportunities while also presenting many challenges. But we are often trapped by near-sightedness, in which we only see the here and now and cannot see beyond our noses.

What will the next decade bring and how will our future look? Is feasible to us to identify signs and patterns that can guide us forecast the world of tomorrow and what tools can we employ to help us navigate the terrain of the coming years? We could perhaps by looking at the big picture with a panoramic lens be able to discover a broader perspective of our lives and destinies and learn to recognize the inner narrative events nowadays, which in turn informs the details of our small picture, and enables us to make better decisions and plans.

I wished if we could leave our past behind and move forward with our lives. In my view by having a clarity and a vision for our future because with no vision we can only gravitate toward the events and circumstances that controlled us in the past. The most optimal mean to fill the void in us as a result of the past is by having something positive to look forward to. For me it’s a passion for living and having something meaningful to live for.

Happy 2020! I wish you a new year filled with prosperity, joy, and contentment.
With Love, Myra