The Ups and Downs

If you recently visited you GP doctor and you were being told that your cardio seems OK – perfect waves on the screen, you’re happy, right? So, as in your perfect cardio you want a perfect and balanced waves in your life. There are times when we blossom, grow and move forward, but there are also times where we slip or perhaps taking a break to re-calibrate and reset ourselves and than you are ready to take the next step. This is the process.

In this life process it may be that the 2020 comes with some New Resolutions. Great If you are able to keeping them. Although they may seem to be deceptively simple to make, yet, come mid March – and ? Do you still find that you’ve kept your NY resolutions you made as of January 1? If so, I’m happy for you. For the majority of those who did not, they might feel totally discouraged, guilty and resigned to old ‘good’ habits – ex. eating your unhealthy snack or spending excessively your time on internet, socials’, or being whatever you do not like.

Shift Your Focus
Don’t you think you deserve more? As a matter of fact you can do more and better. It’s just a matter of shifting your focus.

On the other hand, it’s useless making any ‘new resolutions’ if you know deep down yourself you won’t be able to keep them. Hence, if you aren’t still ready and your strategy and willingness do not work, you may think about some idea I put for your consideration to be tested. Whatever of these you opt for, I’m positive they can improve your life and empower you with the new stream of a positive energy leading you towards happier life. I’m talking about the following:

1. Change your daily routines. It will train your brain to make and sustain something bigger – meaningful changes.

2. Be kind to everyone notably to the member of your loved ones.

3. Commit to one thing at least – something that fulfills your soul. You’ll know best what it is.

4. Do something for your soul – be it reading spiritual books or praying in your own way and words.

5. Change ”the way you are” if you don’t like that ” way you are” . Changing just one tiny aspect of your personality can be very tough, however it is one of the most rewarding at the end. Rewarding for you and the people you care for.

6. What about finding what is your passion? What does make you happy? Do you know? ‘Cause many people are clueless about this.

7. Take an honest look at yourself this year to become a better person. Your life is not only about you.

8. In the spirit of living a happier and life with the purpose you may consider to invest your ”time currency” in a new friendship. Why not?

9.  Forgive others – forgive yourself first. This is very powerful tool that can liberate you from very toxic emotions such as shame and guilt.

10. This is so important (and difficult)! – Listen more and speak less. Choose carefully your words – Empower them with more empathy.

Last but not least, take control of your life and enjoy it because you don’t know what the future holds or where your life will take you.

Be more here and now and less yesterday or tomorrow.

Good luck!