We all juggle multiple tasks at one time not getting anything done whereby losing focus easily and gets overwhelmed with so many things to do. Distractions seem to be everywhere that makes it nearly impossible to accomplish anything. Before we realize that – our 24h day is over and we are frequently still have not finished the task we’re supposed to do.

You have probably heard how your brain was programmed at childhood, and further development in adulthood simply did not happen. So if you still believe that you are ”subscribed to worry” – because you are simply overwhelmed every day with ”something”, you are in trouble because you have simply accepted negative and very limiting belief for you that there was nothing that could be done to change this programming in your brain.

However, clinical neuroscientists tell us that more recent scientific evidence revealed that we can rewire our brains, alter our thoughts, perceptions and experiences, and change a negative mindset into a positive one. Great!

Our brain is flexible as opposed to being rigid and unchangeable, and has the ability to change and adapt throughout life. Another very important resource is time. Once it slips out of your hands, there’s no way you can turn it back. We are all given the same number of hours. Many would say the difference lies on how we use those hours, but I would argue that attention is far more important than the time we have.
Why am I telling you all these? Just to make you understand about huge potential we all have within us that we do not use because we do not know. We are not aware of the enormous potential of our brain and how to use this supercomputer.

Let me tell you a story about the so called worry doll I received as a gift from the South America. It was called Maya and was packed in a tiny colourful decorative mini bag with the following instructions – how to use Maya?
1.Concentrate on your worry or concern (one only) before you go to bed:
2.Tell your Maya what you want them to take away:
3.Put the doll under the pillow:
4.Caress the doll’s tummy a few times so that your sorrows do not hurt it, and in the morning, they will disappear.

The idea of Maya – worry doll – is to help person get rid of their worries before falling asleep. Worry dolls are most popular with kids, although many adults use them effectively too.
So, the person feeling any kind of mild anxiety holds a doll and tells Maya about one worry that is troubling you. Write on the small piece of paper and placed together with the doll under the pillow (you may also place your Maya in a special tiny box). The troubling matter is transferred to Maya! Finally you can sleep tight knowing your worry has gone as Maya has taken care of your concern and made it disappear.
The intent of using a doll is to help you to deal with troubles by stating her out load and by showing that she is willing to let go of worries before going to sleep.

You can make too for you or your kid your own Maya – a tiny doll to measure approx. 20 millimetres made by hand using an ordinary wire whereby face is made by cotton, cardboard or clay, and the clothing can be made with wool or some of a traditional cloth. These dolls are incredible pieces of a traditional Guatemalan legend – that tells that the doll worries about the problem instead of the person, allowing the person to sleep peacefully.

This nice south American tradition promotes actually healthy psychological habit that everyone should try to achieve every day – releasing your mind of your worries,preoccupations so you can sleep soundly. Physical transferring your worries onto Maya even if imaginary can be useful way to manage your anxiety over your problems. It also makes you feel like you have the power to manage your anxiety and prevent insomnia.

Remember that anxiety and stress are mental health issues that can cause serious physiological dis balances that can manifest in several different way such as stomach pain and that you are not aware of their cause. Thus, it is beneficial to control your daily concern levels. Everything that happens at the physiological level inevitably affects the physical level. Therefore, maintaining a mental balance is fundamental to be able to ward off discomfort in any of its forms.