Emotionally intelligent and mature person are conscious about the words power, and once pronounced – it’s done – no taking them back is possible. Hence, there are some things you should simply delete from your vocabulary, notably in your businesses environment if you want to be happy and progress, slowly maybe but steady.
Before the new working week, perhaps you may assess your daily working vocabulary today and think how many toxic phrases have you used or heard lately.
Based on my working experience I can share with you SOME of them, as a matter of fact the phrases I had had opportunity to hear very often and did my best to challenge them – unsuccessfully with some colleagues. Unfortunately, not only for them because they had keep continued acting the same old way whereby intoxicating their working surrounding and general working climate.
So, here they are;

It is not fair – Yes, it is true that life does not always treat us well but saying it may sound naïve and immature. So, you’d better stick to the facts and being constructive and leave your interpretation out of it.
It is not MY FAULT – Sure, of course. It’s her fault! As a matter of fact, it is not good idea to cast blame. Be responsible and accountable for whatever you do whatever went wrong. Stick to the facts and let your superior and colleagues to draw their own conclusions. People are not stupid!
That is not in my job description – it can make you sound that you are willing to limit yourself to minimum what’s described in your job description that can not always be a good idea if you aspire to be promoted or sharpen other skills .Instead, if you are asked to go beyond your job description, do it. Complete that task eagerly. Later you can always talk to your superior about your role in order to consider eventual job description update or upgrade.
No problem – incredibly frequently used phrase notably in the Balkans. If you say so when someone thanks you for whatever you are actually implying that their request should have been a problem for you. Think about that and try to eliminate this phrase. Once and forever.
I will try – Again, it suggests you lack confidence in your ability to execute the task. Instead, take the responsibility and ownership of your skills and capabilities.
She is incompetent and arrogant cow and does not deserve this position – even if accurate ! – everyone in your office already knows is, so why to repeat, BUT, if your assumption is inaccurate, you are the one who ends up looking like an idiot!
I am going to ask you now stupid question – Remember that such a phrase – overly passive instantly erodes your credibility. Even if you follow these phrases with a great idea, they suggest you lack confidence, which makes the people you’re speaking to lose confidence in you. If you’re not confident in what you’re saying, no one else will be either.
I can not do it. It’s too difficult for me – It can suggest that you are not willing to do what it takes to get the job done. On the other hands, if you lack specific skills try to offer an alternative solution. So, say what can instead can not do.
I hate this job – no one and at least your superior likes to hear your complains. Furthermore, it can also bring down motivation in your team. After all, if you do not or even worse hate your job, what are you doing here? Leave it and challenge new opportunity instead of blaming others. It’s unhealthy and not productive neither for you nor for your current working place. Take a chance! Take Action!Be brave! Good luck!
‘I speak to everyone in the same way , whether he is a garbage man or the president of the University’ Albert Einstein