Humans are naturally wired to scan the horizon for threats to our survival. This is comprehensible, and even necessary at times. Yet, it can also lead to paralysis during times of crisis. Today’s worldwide pandemic has shaken people’s entire realities. Hence, whatever we thought was real and reliable just a few weeks ago, has now been destabilized and stripped away from us.

Our daily rhythm, our plans, our travelling, economy, schedules, our children’s routines, virtually every aspect of our lives is no longer what it used to be. And what will tomorrow bring?

Just four days ago me and my family have survived an earthquake. It was very painful and emotional experience for me. Before that unique experience I will remember for a long, long time, I’d be dealing fairly well with the Covid-19 stress. I was focused on sharing useful information with all of you, emails and enjoying the extra time with my family. Then the earthquake has changed all and caught up with me. It was not a a fear but rather sense of helplessness, the overwhelm, uncertainty and heaviness of what we are all going through over here in my beautiful Croatia.

For 48h I could not really focus on my work or do much of anything else. I just had to stop what I was doing and be still. In that stillness I was reminded of how important it is simply take one step at a time.

Dear all, with so much gloom and doom in the news, whether ”real” or ”fake” it’s critical that we find pathways to calm and resilience.

Let me share with you what we can do in the given circumstances:

-Developing more meditation practice
-Cultivating “realistic optimism”
-Elevating your mood
-Connecting with loved ones and getting support
-Being of service

Although no one really expected this upheaval, we have two choices how to respond; either to cower in fear and retreat into the clouds of uncertainty, or to rise to the occasion and let our souls shine forth in the best and most beautiful way they can.

I am confident that both you and I have chosen correctly. I believe this may be the defining event of our lives in terms of how we respond today to the ongoing challenges.
Take care. Blessings