how to deal with the setbacks?

Going through change process be it on personal or a professional life is not always easy. Deciding to move forward after a setback can be even more challenging. Each one of us is a unique individual ready for change at different times.Looking at your individual style and mindset is an excellent way to acknowledge ambivalence, your strengthens, and the action steps you need to take toward achieving your goal.

Five ways to overcome your setbacks

Ever asked yourself what’s your motivation style?

Recognizing your current state of mind and behavior pattern, helps you figure out what needs to happen in order for you to succeed. This approach to goal achievement works, however, what if something goes wrong along the way? Everybody encounters setbacks. The important thing is how we deal with them.

If you want to persevere in the face of failure, you’ve got to overcome the setbacks you’ll likely encounter on your path to success.

Why don’t you consider these five ways in order to help your brain handle setbacks?

  • Take detailed notes on the setback

Think about your current negative experience and try answer these questions:

When did it occur?

Who was with you?

What space were you in mentally and physically? W

What were the circumstances that led you to the minor failure?

  • Learn from the experience.

How will you change the situation in the future, so you are less likely to fail? Everyone fails, by the way . . . even the most successful people. That’s why they’re successful! They learned what not to do and made the appropriate changes.

Get back to your plan as soon as possible

A slip-up shouldn’t derail everything you have worked toward; that’s why it’s called a slip, not a fall. Remember what you set out to do, and continue to visualize yourself reaching your goal.

OK, you may ask ” how can I my goal plan better? Guess what – once you know the answer, you’re ready to design a new strategy, develop new tactics, and create a new timeline. Ready to persevere?

  • Stay self-motivated and make a new plan

How will you handle things the next time when an undesirable situation presents itself? What strategies can you use to help you be successful in the future? What’s the most important thing you need to understand when it comes to your goal accomplishment is to persevere and maintain your self-motivation.

  • Be nice to yourself

S..t happens in life. Therefore, do not resist to your problems – acknowledge and accept your errors and mistakes. It’s human. And do not ever forget to be nice, kind and gentle with yourself. Think of the set-backs as a learning experience, practice some self-care, and move on to step two . . .

Hang on despite adversity and please share your insight and ways to persevere .

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