Understanding inflammation

While inflammation is a natural part of life that serves a beneficial role to protect us and help us heal, systematic inflammation leads to a disease and it is scientifically proven.
This type of persistent inflammation not only affect our body, but also our brain. As a matter of fact, Neuroinflammation may be linked to everything – from dementia, Alzheimer to ALS, ADD, depression and even schizophrenia.

All disease starts with cellular inflammation, be it digestive disorders, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, and as outlined also Alzheimer’s. If not healed, it will lead to either early cell death translating into specific organ or gland disease, or into cancer stem cell stimulation, which fuels cancer cell growth and metastasis. Therefore, disease should not and cannot be resolved by looking at the disease and trying to cure it. Instead, and according to the principles of holistic medicine, we focus more on the environment that allows a disease to form, change and mutate into cancerogenic cell and eventually kill you.

Garbage in = Garbage out

In other words, if you put garbage in your organism, in your mind, in your thoughts, feelings and emotions (be it food, toxic and harmful products… combined with bad habits, negative thoughts that will trigger unpleasant emotions), it will attract microorganisms that can trigger systematic inflammation. Hence, if you want to get rid of the ‘’viruses’’ (much like your PC), you will need to buy and install new anti-virus programs to protect your PC, right? The question is how many antivirus programs will you need? The answer is infinite because no matter how many ‘’viruses’’ you shutdown, more will come because you have contaminated an environment (the garbage) that enables them to grow. In other words, only when you change the environment (get rid of the garbage) the cause (be it a virus or bacteria) will be gone and so will the disease, all disease.

How to keep your cells healthy?

Second important fact is that all human cells need four basic elements to live and thrive. These are: oxygen, water in, food in, and waste products out. If done regularly, your cells will live very long because the human body was designed to live well over a hundred years in health. To reach this goal, this can only be achieved when these four elements are efficiently maintained. If there is a disbalance of any of these four at the cellular level, this is when inflammation, the precursor to all disease, begins.

Balance your mind, body and soul

Ideal disease treatment relies on mental/emotional and spiritual energies to heal the body.  Hence, some of the topics that I address with patients include balancing mind, body and spirit, breathing techniques, water, food, sleep, exercise, fasting/detoxification, and prayer, meditation, or mindfulness practices.

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