Do you live to work – or, work to live?

I was asked million times In my life, notably former professional, “who are you (who is she)?” So did you. What do we do immediately? We instinctively give our business card? That’s what most people do! But it’s so wrong because you are not your work – you work is only what you do.

Why 99% of people define their identities by the jobs they do, status, prestige, …? I use to be one of those. First of all,because we are simply programmed like this, secondly, because that’s what we are consumed with most of the day and involved in most of our lives.

From my own experience I can tell you that it may also be a convenient way to go deeper into our own hearts and souls and discovering who we really are — our true identities. Chanukka, Christmas and holiday season are great opportunity for you to go deeper and try finding out who you really are.

The same is true with many things in our lives that we identify ourselves by, Thus, imagine how many people define their self-worth by their net-worth, or by looks, ‘likes’, number of followers, appearances — all masks that may enhance who they are, may make us look good, but are not our true essence.

Be careful, ’cause when you wear a mask long enough, sometimes you may become your own mask. Very sad fact to me notably when observing young kids and teens. How much of your own self remains hidden even from you? Do you know how to live, or only how to work? Ask yourself:

Do you live to work, or work to live? Search yourselves – Know Thyself.