It’s Friday. Most of us have been awaiting impatiently this Day to relax a bit over the weekend. We’re filled with all sort of stress accumulated who know since when. Yes, we know stress harms and we should relax a bit. We should not feel stress but anxiety is not logical, is it?
Anxiety means You are Living in the future.
Again, Anxiety means You are Living in the future.
Anxiety means You are Living in the future.
I’m worrying about something that haven’t happened. Yet. Will it happen? Probably it will not.
The triggers we all have wrapped in the stress package are all sort of deadlines, finding inspirations to be more creative, worrying about your kids’ grades, finding money to afford a nice summer vacations etc. And of course those are just “things” that trigger all sort of emotions from feeling shame from disappointing others, self-esteem from making mistakes gets questionable, fear of failure,etc.
Let me share with you some of mine “anti-stress ritual” when I encounter one of those days
1) I think about Gratitude and five things that instantly flood me with a feeling of gratitude, my own health and my healthy son; nice home we have; job I love …. I could go on and on…Whatever we praise, grows and our thoughts consequently are greatly increased in the overall mental atmosphere.
2) Daily 5′ exercise upon getting up – I personally use some tricks I have learned from the energy medicine by Donna Eden. Warmly recommend to you too. In the meantime, you can simply get into upright posture, roll your shoulders, deep cleansing breaths.
3) I ask myself what is that one thing I can do now to work on the things that are stressing me? Focus on that one thing.
I know, You know, We know that stress is counterproductive, and jeopardizes your health. If you want to get back to a place of calm and peak performance, create anti stress rituals for yourself. It’s so easy and efficient. Will energize you instantly. Get well and facilitate your life ’cause no one else but you can do it.