Symptom vs Cause Of A Health Condition

Conventional medicine successfully treats acute problems and symptoms, not the disease itself. As a matter of fact, it has little to offer for chronic conditions, as the solution for chronic health problems requires treating the cause. Furthermore, it also requires complete change of one’s lifestyle that includes eating habits as well. Why so? Because whole food is medicine and it cures whereby the processed food is poison, and there’s no medicine that can undo the damage of processed food.

Education + Implementation

The fact is that first of all the medical establishment, which doesn’t want to admit that drugs simply can not treat foundational causes of disease. Secondly, the food industry, which doesn’t want you to know that processed foods are inherently unhealthy.

Hence, in order to improve overall public health, we need more education about the core issue which is the overabundance of processed food in our daily diet. Secondly, what is needed is implementation of healthier eating, both on a personal level and a societal level, which inevitably requires societal intervention in the form of legislation or litigation.

Toxic Processed Food

In reality it would mean for the food industry that they can make money selling also these real food as long as they subsidize the primary hindrance of junk food ingredients such as sugar, corn, wheat and soy.

Processed food is all about the insulin, the sugar and lack of fibre. Hence, it is high-sugar, low fibre, toxic, addictive and detrimental to people’s overall health. And you know what – these food will not disappear by itself unless you do first something for you and your heath because changes star within ourselves, right?

What can You do in the meantime?

Now that you are aware of the root issue what can you do? As mentioned above it’s about education, but not only, because education requires implementation.

Furthermore, one of the first step is your own personal intervention in order to figure out if you are really sick. And please, do not ask miracles answers from your doctors because how they could know. We are the ones who know the best our body and our habits, whether good or bad.

Are You Ready? 

In terms of addressing your health issue, your primary treatment is first of all to make a firm decision and personal commitment that you are ready to change something in your life, and I mean seriously. This ”something” relates to number of bad habits that have become your unconscious programme over which you have lost control.

Start Eating More Whole Food

Secondly, when it comes to changing your eating habits, you need to switch to eating whole and natural food, which is naturally rich in fibre and low in sugar. I must also refer to a so called fee radicals which are not a priori all damaging. Since they are also biological signalling molecules, if we suppress them, there is the danger we run into is when using very high amounts of antioxidant supplements, that can backfire. Hence, the best way is to get your antioxidants from the whole food. As for the type of diet you choose, any diet can work, provided it’s right for your metabolism. The only diet that does not work for anyone is a processed food diet. That’s for sure.

Prevention is better than cure

Last but not least, isn’t preventing diseases is better than cure? I am positive that it is so, because prevention is the cure of any physical or mental disease.

What do you think? Awaiting the whole society to do something in terms of education and implementation, I suggest you do not waste your time. Make your decision now to eat and live consciously and healthy.  If you need a help, get in touch with me.

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