How can you protect yourself from the notorious COVID-19?
The virus is everywhere. Most of all in our minds. Media did it job pretty well by spreading bunch of misinformation, fear and chaos in the people’s mind and lives. It has prompted me to do my own research and make sure that my holistic approach is empowered with a solid foundation of practical guidance to be able to navigate and overcome this situation.
VERY IMPORTANT – Please do not let fear of exposure to rule your thoughts because fear is one of the lowest vibrations. Therefore, one of the best things you can do to boost your immune system is raise your vibration.

I am positive that my tips will help you to fortify your peace of mind and boost your immune system that will protect you from the viruses! So, let’s start:

1 – Try to avoid or at least reduce daily dosage of stress. How? Do something that will sooth your body and soul on daily basis. I guess you know what it is. What are you enjoy doing it that you normally do not do due to lack of time or whatever factor you use as justification.

2 – Start learning good habit to begin your morning drinking at least 0,5L of plain water. If you wish you can squeeze inside slice of orange or lemon.

3 – Reduce or in these day or better to eliminate all inflammatory foods and drinks such are processed sugar, dairy products, cut out alcohol, fizzy drinks and reduce daily intake of coffee

4 – Check at the lab your vitamin D level. If it proves to be deficient, consult with your general practitioner to up your intake of this vitamin.

5 – Increase your daily dosage of vitamin C up to 2 grams max. throughout day, say every 3 hours.Start gradually with a lower dosage. For vegetarians and ”fans of fruits and vegetables” this dosage can be halved to max 1 grams daily.

6 – Before you get out of the bed and every day of course, to get energy circulating in your body, awake your thymus gland by using the tips of your fingers tapping 3 minutes firmly on the center of your chest below the collar bone.

7 – Follow and do regular daily physical activity – it can be an ordinary walk ever day 30 minutes. In addition to this, sweating is excellent way to eliminate toxins from your body.

8 – Practice hygiene for prevention and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water whenever you can.

9 – Maybe the most important tip refers to rest and recovering even if you are not sick. Why? Because just hearing the bad news about the virus spreading drains on your energy. Getting good quality sleep is paramount. To support your sleep quality, pray or read something lighthearted and positive at night. Goes without saying that no any screens 2-3 hours before bed.

My tips may seem to you even unreasonable and tough, nevertheless, I suggest you to consider the following thought: no matter how the news of this illness may attempt to consume your thoughts which will inevitably reflect upon your emotions, behavior and outcomes, all you need to do is look within and remember this truth: You too can align yourself to the frequency of peace, love and light. How? With your intention, breath, your brain&heart connection! It is all up to you. Remember no one else will do things for you.

Blessings. Take care.
With Love,