When a person worries about his future material needs, he/she assumes he will still be alive in that future moment. What guarantee do we really have that we shall still be alive for any length of time? If we assume we’ll be still alive, then we have ability too, to assume that we’ll be able to meet our basic necessities,right?

Today I met a friend seemingly worried about his future because his contract ended so, I asked him ” why are you so full of anxiety?” Now, imagine how would You react if he replied, “Things are all right now, but I’m worried that in fine years as of now years I might be missing something.”

Sound bizarre and ridiculous to me to worry about what will be so far in the future. But that’s the way majority of humans are. Hence, as worrying about ten years from now is fruitless, so is worrying about what will be in one day from now.
Planning is positive – Worrying is negative. Only the present is before you. Use it properly. Be grateful and enjoy your life. ”Carpe diem”