Connected more than ever, yet, what is wrong with us? IT dominates our life and cultural directions, be it your smartphEmotionally Intelligent and Smart People Never Sayone, internet, TV…Humans evidently found ways to bring each other closer whereby enabling constant global access and connectedness. Even ten years ago it seemed to me unrealistic that I could be physically present wherever in the globe and transport myself anywhere I want. Needles to stress all the benefits of virtual ‘connectedness’. Nevertheless, let me focus on the shortcomings. In other words, nothing is black or white as long as we remain well-balanced.

The real truth is that we are living being ‘connected’ to everything but ourselves. I deduce consequently that all our problems stem from individual inability to be himself/herself – to stand alone. Why? We obviously fear the silence to exist next to us. We prefer noise in spite of constant complaining about it. We fear boredom and instead a man prefers to opt for meaningless distractions. In order to escape daily life’ challenges linked always to our emotions, – because everything starts with the emotions – emotions are the first manifestation, we drawn into false comforts of our mind. As a matter of fact, we have never learned the art and beauty of solitude. One may ask ‘but why being alone’? Being and feeling alone are not the same thing. Actually the more you feel comfortable with your solitude the more likely it is that sooner or letter you will be able to know yourself, and vice versa. If not, be careful that in the process you become really addicted to the gadgets and all beautiful technologies that were meant to set you free essential but they did not. Or, you are already an addict? Actually they have totally imprisoned us from being ourselves. The point is that we are increasingly out of touch with our real essence. I see this as one of the greatest challenge of human being nowadays. Our aversion to solitude is nothing more but an aversion against ourself – acceptance who we are. Do you know who you are? I mean not your identity and your visit business card!?

Furthermore, it is difficult to many of individuals just being rather than doing, hence, we constantly seek for all sort of entertainments be it companies, relationships, IT gadgets, socials, etc.
People simply ignore the fact that never facing nothingness is the same as never facing our essence, and , never being able to face our essence is the reason of feeling desperately lonely and depression in spite of being so closely linked to everything else, notably virtually around us.

What to do? Well, it is needed first to wake up and realize this as a challenge, I mean that being alone is normal because such situation of private intimacy by yourself can provide you with lots of wisdom and those A-ha moments. After some time, one finally realizes that we do not need stimulants to feel alive so our world and ourselves become filled with inner richness and completion so that we begin seeing the world through new lens – you see things what the really are inner essence and wholeness.

Last but not least, the more the technologies advances, the more stimulation will provide you with to get outside of who we really are. Modern technologies did so much to connect us but at the same time it has simultaneously and terribly isolated us. We are so busy being distracted that we have completely forgot to include to ourselves. Consequently we feel always more and more alone. Solitude won’t emerge on its own. We need consciously to seek solitude company by making it part of our daily life routine ’cause the allure of daily distractions is so difficult to resist. It really is.

Hence, ‘nosce te ipsum’ – ‘Know Thyself ‘ ! Without knowing who you are, will be difficult to live happy life – life filled with an internal joy and stillness – life that directs and leads to to interact with each other in a heathy and meaningful way. Meaningful Life. Go ahead and Know Yourself!