This year is obviously gonna be a breakthrough year in the human history – not so much due to number of the corona virus victims, but because of the new opportunity we all have – to change the globe and ourselves in better.

It’s a message to all of us that this pandemic will change us as a species. I hope in better. Thus, we’d better be taking this warning as a personal message to every single one of us. It’s time when we can re-evaluate our values, our choices and decisions we make every day. Our moral and integrity, first and foremost. Covid-19 has reminded us how fragile and vulnerable human species are in spite our arrogance and capacity to create and destroy.

Following terrible earthquake in Zagreb in the midst of epidemic, people have tested the anxiety perhaps more than others, but we are getting better, thanks G-d.

Covid-19 pandemic is striking full force across the globe. Though some political leaders have thought to be smart enough and outsmart the nature, they failed – no one could escape to this tiny virus as it doesn’t know and it’s careless about the race and frontiers. So far, so good because it can always get worse – to what extend will depend on every single one of us. I say that we are good – imagine the worst case scenario : losing our contact with the world with no internet, running out of food, or contracting even more aggressive virus?

Pandemics have afflicted civilizations throughout human history, and many of these pandemics have had significant impacts on human society – from killing large percentages of the global population to causing humans to ponder larger questions about life.

Thus, let’s re-think about our role and the purpose in life. Let’s collectively work on our characters to improve personality traits in becoming better, noble and more grateful and empathetic human being. No one really knows what the future will bring to us. I think it all depend on us.

Therefore, you’d better remind yourself every day how powerless you and me are before the nature and the natural laws. Do not breach these laws. Only by working together we can eventually be able to preserve our species.

Celebrate your Life every day as a Miracle.
Take care. Blessings.