Test yourself

  • How do you feel right now? Can you describe and recognize the emotion you are feeling?
  • Are you able to control those whatever feelings you experience right now especially if unpleasant without allowing them to overwhelm you and ruin the rest of your day?
  • Are you able to motivate yourself to finish what you started?
  • Are you able to recognize the emotions of others and respond adequately?

If you honestly answered with ”yes” to all of these questions, well done! You have developed some or most of the EQ skills.

When your brain and emotions blend together

EQ basically meet your cognitive and emotional part of being and as such  facilitates your capacity to develop and be more emphatic, resilient, motivated, reasonable, effectively manage stressful situations, communicate efficiently as well as effectively navigate in a myriad of social situations and conflicts.

Now I’ll list some of the signs how can you recognize people with poor EQ, skills.

People with low EQ

  • They are in constant conflict with themselves and other people. Basically, feeling very miserable inside themselves whether they want to admit or not.
  • They are not grateful for things they do or do not have in their lives.
  • Lacking empathy and don’t give a damn about others.
  • Criticism is killing them. As a result, they tend to be neurotic and anxious.
  • They don’t take responsibility for their behaviour and always take excuses for themselves and shifting responsibility to others.
  • They are lacking of emotional control. Hence, they are reacting rather than acting –  in other words, responding to someone or to a situation only after reviewing the situation, analysing the task and the risk involved.
  • Even when they know they are mistaking, no chance to apologize.
  • They develop an internal drive towards chronic pessimism and lack of joy.
  • They are lacking problem-solving skills during hard times and tend to conform instead.
  • They are not inteligent enough in terms of being able to recognize people, their traits and character, strengths and weaknesses as well as how they react to you.
  • They frequently lie and sugar-coat the truth.  “Hurt me with the truth, but never comfort me with the lie”.  Meaning that by being almost disrespectfully truthful, you might hurt a man for a day or two, but by lying to him, you will hurt him for life.
  • Since they tend to be conformists, they have inclination towards being manipulated, particularly by ideologies or people focusing on your personal problems.
  • Almost never praise people who deserve it.

Instead of getting anxious, take an action

EQ skills can be learnt. Seek a professional help if you recognized yourself in more than five above mentioned items.

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