What, said HeartMin, I ask of you, do you want to have or do?

Let me think about that for a minute, said BrainMind.
No, no, just tell me true, what do you want to have or do?

I want to have health, happiness, love and success.
I want to do a lot of good and I want to make a big difference.

So do I, said HearMind, I want all those things a lot. And together we can get them, if it’s your help I’ve got.

What do I need to do, asked BrainMind?

I can provide the PASSION, said HeartMind, but the focus must come from you.
I can care a little, or I can care a lot, but only about what you pay attention to.
And I will provide the ENERGY, I’ll provide the FIRE!!!

You mean, if I can stay focused on what we want, and not space out, or worry a lot, then you will empower us to get it. If I focus and act as the steering wheel, then you will add PASSION and act as the gas pedal.

Yes, together we will be our best, create success, love, health, and happiness. We can do good and big differences create. The secret is we must collaborate!