Hormones of happiness

Have you heard of happiness chemicals? The fact is that the human brain releasesthese happy chemicals or neurotransmitters hormones influencing your  #mental #health that make you feel bed/good.

There are four main happiness brain chemicals, and each of them has a job to do.Hence, when you feel good, your brain is releasing one of the happiness chemicals or happy hormones.

How theese chemicals can affect your mental health?

☝️DOPAMINE – Affects your motivation/focus/pleasure

Deficiency affects – Feeling hopeless, mood swings, procrastination, inability to focus, low energy.

☝️OXYTOCIN – Affects your trust/bonding/love

Deficiency affects – Feeling lonely, stressed, feeling anxious, insomnia, lack of enthusiasm, fatigue.

☝️SEROTONIN – Affects your mood/feelings/happiness

Deficiency affects – Mood swings, obsessive compulsive disorders, social phobia, panic attacks, being overly sensitive and emotional, low self esteem.

☝️ENDORPHINS – Affects your pain/stress/pleasure

Deficiency affects – Depression, anxiety, mood swings, aches and pain, impulsive behaviour, insomnia.

You are responsible for your happiness!

By understanding how these chemicals work, we can better improve our overall happiness by tapping into each of the four happiness chemicals. Happiness or lack thereof affects everyone and it definitely affects overall health.

There have been numerous studies linking depression to the reduction of happiness chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin. Their deficiency therefore can lead to various effects that could trigger development of #mental #illnesses like #depression.

Laugh more!

☝️How to increase these chemicals? Simply and cheap. Laugh more, get regularly exposed to the sunshine, eat smart food, exercise, pray, socializing, create something!

☝️Remember: Happiness is not a destination that you have to find either through material items, social status, job position, relationships, but the journey and something you can create on your own.https://focusnow.eu


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