The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation – Mark Twain

Do you love or do you hate your job?
We talk a lot about people workaholics. I was myself one of them some years ago. There are far many people these days whose work has turned to be rather of an unhealthy obsession because they do not seem to get any real pleasure out of their work and they think they reached the point where they can not do anything else.

Yes, it’s true that there are people who seem very much focused on their work but because they enjoy it, because it excites and challenge them at the same time. I believe these people look at work the way some of us, me included loo at play. Yes, our work should be as a play. As a way to learn new things, to explore new avenues and enjoy it while doing it.

On the other hand, if you find and decide that your work is mere drudgery, in other words, just a way to bring home a salary, your chances are that it will never be anything more.

It’s about your belief and what you believe in. Are you one of those who have lost the sense of possibility, who have decided not to take responsibility, and last but not least, someone who decided to believe in failure? I am not suggesting you should turn into workaholic not to direct your entire life around your work because you are not your work nor your title, position. I am just suggesting that you may consider if you decided to enrich your world (boring and dull life) to bring to it same curiosity, vitality, joy and excitement you bring to your play or to your hobby, to something you adore doing I because it overwhelms you with great feelings and those great feelings produces resourceful behavior which ultimately leads to excellent or desired results.

How to deal effectively with people?
My second point and theme in this post is that people should understand and apply in their life a view that the people are our greatest resource. You’ve might red, learned (or, you may be one of those luckily) about many great and successful people – people who produce outstanding results.

What do they have in common? They have in common a great sense of respect and appreciation for other people, be it their employee, collaborators, subordinates, etc. because those are people who have developed a genuine sense of common purpose and unity. All this leads us to conclude that successful firms and companies are the ones that treat their employees, associates, collaborators with dignity and respect and view them as partners rather than tool in order to promote their own interest and success.

Dealing effectively with people is therefore one of the great challenge for every single one of us who find ourselves in a position to lead someone -whether in your family or your business- and produce desired outcome but at mutual interests not only what’s in it for me.

Are you a responsible leader?
I am aware from my own experience that this challenge is easy to preach and it can be very tough to adopt in practice because to say that you treat people with dignity and respect and to do it aren’t the same things. Therefore, every single each of us must constantly remain alert, and ready to readjust behavior to make sure that we are going towards desired destination, result, goal or outcome.

Secondly, another attribute great leaders and successful people have is that they operate from the belief that they create their world, so they also take full responsibility because if you tend not to believe that you and only you create your world, whether it be your success or your failure, than you become hostage of circumstances. Those people believe that ‘bad things just happen to me because I am just an passive object. After all what can I do to change things?’ If you one of those what are you doing here if you believe that you are just a product of random external forces?

The bottom line is taking responsibility remains the most effective measures of your maturity and power.

Furthermore, be aware to take responsibility also how you communicate with yourself and other people because as we say in NLP the meaning of communication is the response you get and by changing your actions you can also change your communication. By retaining your responsibility you retain the power to change the result you produce.