Many people whether consciously or unconsciously consider that they live meaningless or not meaningful life enough. When trying to explain, their narrative seems incomplete, weak, based on mistakes, in terms of the way of their thinking that are full of cognitive distortions.

What the term “meaning” does mean to you? For me it has to do with clarification, indication or interpretation and notions such as importance, worth, value. Example, when someone tells me “meeting him was a very meaningful for me,” a person is using wording “meaning” as a notion, right?

The other day I met an old friend of mine who told me he was quite unhappy because after 30 years working the same job he realized that it was not what he really wanted, basically that he spent his 30 years in a meaningless way, hence, he considered his life as meaningless. Because ”my life – it is my job … my life – it is my husbandmy son…my fans…

It is not – because you aren’t either your behaviour, job, house,car, your children, friend,s parents, Facebook or Instagram account, or the number of followers you have on some of the social networks, etc. etc.

Read it once again and think for a moment.

I personally was so happy when I grasped an idea that ”I am not my job and my career”…

OK, now when we have defined what you are not, who am I than?

Instead of lecturing who you are, I am pretty sure you can figure out yourself who you are.

Take a look at this exercise – concentrate yourself and focus on the questions and be ready to write your answers down on a sheet of paper. .

First, read all questions carefully and than answer each question as honestly as you can and from your heart rather than your brain. Take your time. Don’t think about what the answer should be.

For some of you, one or all the questions might require deep thoughts, but remember the first answer that comes to mind will be the answer from your soul. Do what works best for you.

1. How would you describe your personality – max.5 words
2. Briefly describe your character : what are your strengths, and weaknesses, virtues.

3.What are your most dominant interests.
4. Think and write about some opportunities you experienced in the past and that you can say that had opened doors for some new opportunities for you.
5. When you think about your future – what opportunities would you like to have open to you?

6.Who are the people who you most often deal with? List them according to categories (ex. A as the highest grade, B (very pleasant) ,C (pleasant) ,D,E, F (problematic) …you name it and categorize as you wish.
7. Do you have a role model – person you admire about ? If so, describe what you admire about that person. If you do not yet have in mind such a person because ”it doesn’t exist yet” – however, describe what qualities that you’d like to emulate you’d like that person to have — qualities which you would like to emulate.
8. List the places where you have lived and possibilities that each place offered you.
9. List the places where you have travelled to but only those that had a clear effect on you, – refer to lessons you have learned by visiting each places – what did they teach you?

Now, read again your answers to all questions. What conclusions about your life’s mission can you draw? Can you figure out where have you been in life, and where do you want to go in life? Your answers should give you a picture can provide you with an answer or an idea to think what you can contribute to your family, friends, work, community – the world . Look out for the unique life experiences that have affected you profoundly as well as what future experiences you would like to have.

You will see that after studying these questions and your answer you will figure out what is your unique mission and purpose in life – if not from the first time, doesn’t matter,come back to your answer several times if needed.