Get Rid Of Being Trapped and Stuck in Life
Imagine having even more time. More Money. More Freedom than you do right now! Next, imagine feeling healthy and the most loved and accepted you have ever felt. Then ask yourself what would transform in your own life and lives of your loved and closes one to you as a result of this ‘magic”?As a matter of fact, the truth is that having it all is not just a dream or fantasy for you to imagine. The fact is that the abundance in all aspects of our lives is real and available and accessible to all of us. The problem is that nobody ever talked to us about this or even taught us how to think abundantly. Instead we are constantly flooded with all sort of mental and emotional garbage that obfuscate our lenses that are constantly smudgy. Secondly, many of us procrastinate on things. It is human nature, we say.. True.
How to transform our daily routine and dull life into extraordinary and rich one? Eternal question! Hundreds of thousands of books and philosophies are available and accessible to us, yet, we feel constantly stuck. Why is it so?
THOUGHT. Thought is the first principle in transforming your life in any aspect you wish to. In other words, it goes like this ; Your thoughts (T) ‘lead to’ your feelings (F). Your feelings ‘lead to’ your actions (A) and your actions ‘lead to’ YOUR RESULTS (R).
Equation would stand as ;
T>F>A = R
I know, many have heard about this equation but the point is that you obviously have not translated this though or formula into deeds. Into desired results. Many understand this principle but they are still holding current results (undesired) in their mind. Think about it. New desired results requires new thinking. New you!
So, what thoughts are you holding in your mind right now?Pick one intention you want to hold in mind, say pass the exam, or, make a deal and sign a great contract! It means to hold permanently in your mind the results you want, regardless of what ‘appearances’ are indicating you in your outer world right now. I know from my own experience it’s a tough job actually the hardest work , yet, with proper training, mentorship and investing your time and energy towards your transformation it can be done. As a matter of fact anyone can do this. Oh yes, I wondered many time why haven I knew this before?Why do schools teach this ‘science’ of ‘giving and abundant life’
Still, it is never to late to transform your life that will positively affect the lives of your family too, of your business associates, etc.
There is a lot to say and talk about the way of thinking a certain way which means knowing that your experience and actions in your ‘reality’ are actually generated from the predominant thoughts you think all day long. Once you know and understand fully this principle, there is no reason to worry any longer about small, stupid little and insignificant things and run cluttered life. It means that you won’t be frustrated and feel like a victim caused by others in your environment because you realized that it is only one persons who is the cause of your environment and feelings. You-yourself! When you begin to understand how to think a certain way, you will be able to understand that your inner and outer worlds are actually one single world – that your inner world is at the cause of your outer world. As someone who wants more health, more financial independence, more money, etc. must sow thoughts of abundance and wealth. As simple as that. It is a Neutral Law that is always in action and we can not escape it. Yes, karma, you may say.
Let’s take an example from our professional life or how to get into the right career?
You might find yourself doing a job you do not like and enjoy. Your work turns into habit because ‘I have to work for living’! To change this you simply must hold new thoughts and hold the image of the business you wish in your mind eye. Visualize it on regular base. Say 5 minutes three times a day. Seems strange in the beginning but than your mind outgrow your current environment and shifts to a new one. Try it. You have nothing to lose . As A. Einstein said ask yourself ‘Is the Universe a friendly place?’ In other words, is the Universe FOR you or AGAINST you ? Think about this. Your answer will tell you the truth – while one persons is convinced that the Universe brings an abundance of prosperity and happiness, the other person (twin sister even!) believes it bring you a lifetime misery and ‘bad fortune’.

Be your own co-creator in every moment of your life Think and Act in an abundant and rich way. Good luck. Cheers