Lesson 1

Many people spend most of their life in fear and many unfortunately live all their life in fear, which is even more tragic. I am personally particularly sensitive and concerned about our kids being victims of their ignorant parents. I talk to them quite often about kids, school, teachers, kids habits and overall about their future and success. Indeed, parents are obsessed with kids success from the moment of their birth. Moreover, they are preoccupied in a wrong and completely negative way since they constantly project doubt, worry, anxiety and fear in the overall scheme of child’s life time.
As participant and actor of many of those coffee table talks,and posts/comments on socials’, they have prompted me to write this article and share with you my idea about fear and what does create fear as well as how to eliminate this beast from your life? This article views other angles of our psyche that I have not covered in my previous article about fear.

To understand what I am trying to explain to you, we first need to come back to the basic – learn since we have never studied this stuff at schools whether at lower or the highest level- how does our mind (that invisible but power entity within us) function?

Let me first explain to you Dr.Fleet’s famous stick-figure diagram (I’m not good yet at drawing!) of understanding of the mind and its implications upon our life.

First, we’re spiritual being. All of us are gifted with an amazing intellect and we have also a physical body, very powerful machine if we know how to use it. Our body is the least important aspect in this story although we do need to take actions. What I mean is that our actions won’t do much if they’re coming from the wrong state of mind (I called it IGNORANCE) , and the actions will flow effortlessly when coming from the proper state of mind (KNOWLEDEG).

Ignorance means not knowing and existing in life rather than living whereby knowledge mean knowing and living a happy and meaningful life.

We have two minds; a conscious mind (CM) that can filter information and make decisions (”I have no money,however, I decided to buy this bag”) and we have a subconscious mind (SM) that runs on auto-pilot and that cannot filter information (an idea you have about yourself:’ I am so smart and beautiful ‘ OR ‘I am stupid and broke’.

Now, if you understand what your conscious part of the mind is, than you can understand also that it has possibility to choose thoughts, idea, etc. whereas your sleepy subconscious mind has absolutely no possibility to choose but rather act as a machine and in line with your conscious mind thoughts, ideas that are simply imprinted in your subconscious and is run automatically. Your SM is a tape recorder that plays recorded stuff, over and over again. In other words, Your SM is a pre-recorded program and set of habits, whether bed or good that control your behavior. Your Life, if you want.

Now let’s go to the beginning of my text and my statement that most of the people live in fear – can we change this? Yes, we can. How? By studying, but studying is not enough. We need to develop UNDERSTANDNG of our studying whatever we study, whatever info we are getting. You too certainly know people that are brilliant mind but achieve bed or poor results in their lives. How it s possible? It s because they’re controlled by the above mentioned programmes. By your SM!

Let’s go back to our CM and thoughts we can consciously choose – you can choose ignorance – worry and doubts (‘how shall I pay my bank loan? My kids get bed grades at school…) Your doubts and worry lead you to FEAR. You than get emotionally involved in your thoughts or idea so that whatever is impressed in your SM gets expressed in your physical body. Fear will take you to anxiety – suppressed anxiety (I mean you want ask for any help but keep on going your life in anxiety and taking all kinds of pills that only deepen your state of suppressed anxiety and get worse). Anxiety leads into physical Dis-Ease and ultimately to Disintegration. Total collapse of your entire system.

You can also choose the opposite of ignorance – knowledge and studying to understand how your mind operates and blend it with faith work mall all its attributes:
You know why does it happen? Because we do not understand ourselves and because nobody ever taught us how our brilliant mind does work. You can change it.

You can also opt for the opposite pole of ignorance – KNOWLEDGE and studying to understand how your mind operates. You can than blend it with the faith which is of the essence importance . Faith is nothing more that your mental ability to see invisible and receive ‘impossible’. It requires you to believe in something. Something that you can not see. . As underlined, that only way to develop your understanding of ‘X’ actual situation (I am broke; I am stupid; I will never find decent job…) is through studying how to win! How to transform you life from being smart but broke and miserable to a someone who knows precisely what he/she knows and is ready to do anything to achieve whatever it requires by being committed and self-discipline, positive and enthusiastic person.
You see, it’s not some situation that makes people worry, full of doubts, insecure, fearful, depressed, but lack of understanding.

So, what will you choose? Ignorance or Knowledge? Ignorance means not knowing and existing in life rather than living whereby knowledge mean knowing and living a happy and meaningful life.
Up to you.