We frequently hear and use in our vocabulary wording ‘being the best’. Yet, have you asked yourself what it really means to you? This phrase is a pure verbal and mental fallacy and actually destructive for us, notably for our children. We should always strive to keep improving our traits rather than ‘being the best’ as well as make an effort to teach our kids about real values and to grasp this erroneous concept at very early age.
Someone who feels the need to prove being always ‘the best”, may consider rather to ask himself or herself , ‘but why do I really must be better than you, he, she…? I do not figure out what is so wrong after all if an acquietante or a friend of mine is more successful or ‘better’ in any given sphere of life? On the contrary, we should be happy about their success instead of torturing ourselves ‘do I have to be also the best’? I mean it’s OK to be brilliant and achieve success but not at any cost and comparing ourselves to others or G-d forbid feeling jealously and envy. It’s always destructive feeling that comes back to you as a boomerang. Keep it always in mind.
Furthermore, persons who feel the need to be always ‘the best’ often suffer much anxiety. They frequently tell themselves, “If I am not the best, then I am a failure. I am worthless”. It is so wrong. Let’s be frank and admit that non of us can claim who is really the best. There is no point in this. Remember that every time you compare yourself to other people is arbitrary, hence, stop causing yourself miserable and meaningless life!