Connection and solidarity
The last few days have been pretty much a roller coaster for me. I imagine that might be true for you, as well. The number of deaths is doubling at an alarming rate not to a significant extent in my own country but the worldwide, primarily in Spain, Italy and other European countries.

I’ve had moments of mixed feelings – from mood swings to many moments of joy and gratitude as I witness being a volunteer of the Croatian Red Cross in the call centre for psycho-social assistance that people are coming together to support each other – I witnessed moments of connections and solidarity as well as of few but precious moments of peace and calm in prayers and in nature. Ultimately I am happy and grateful with this week outcomes as I met all my duties and translated my goals into concrete actions.

Today I’m in a mood to think and write in English and to translate my thoughts and reflections of the outgoing week in English language. Some of you have asked me when I’ll be writing my diary in English? This is for you dear reader, wherever you are. Enjoy your journey on my blog and my daily portion of readings.

What have I learned?
You know what? I believe that as for me, it is equally important for you too and members of your family or friends, to give permissions to self to feel the distress, sadness, grief, or anger – rather than just pushing away these feelings that won’t disappear just like that. On the contrary. I believe that in this challenging times we all suffered occasional distress and heartache. It is OK, because we simply must pass through it, in order to heal and move forward.

Where do you stand right now?
With the Covid-19 outbreak I believe that we must inevitably go through the following stages accordingly:

Denial – something like a ”not a big deal. People and the authorities are exaggerating and overacting. Virus won’t affect me. I am young and healthy.. or ” I have no time to get sick’‘.
Anger – something like a ‘‘I refuse to listen to the specialists epidemiologists advice on social distance or being in self-isolation and stay at home”.
Negotiations – ”OK, I see that these advices start to get resonate with me. Perhaps it is not so bad idea to be patient and behave. After all, two weeks will pass and sooner or latter my life will go back to normal”
Depression – ”I give up. I feel hopeless and disappear. I lost my job. How I gonna be look after myself and my family. This f…..g virus has ruined my life. I’ll be never happy again”.
Acceptance – ”That’s real and it is happening, whether I like it or not. I’d better figure out how to adapt and plan my future”.

Caveat – Acceptance is not the same as submission, I mean it doesn’t mean you are giving up – it is simply the honest recognition of what is. Secondly, without acceptance, we may become stuck in or overwhelmed by grief and sadness – whether you are conscious or not.

Wake up call
I was thinking about time as one of our most precious resource these days and how can we utilize our time an effective and smart time rather than being on the news front line whereby contaminated with negative news.
Hence, I wished to share with you my views on how to challenge the virus outbreak and what I believe is worthwhile considering in terms of utilizing your mental and the resources, your time and energy. There’s going to be very painful moments in your life that may change your entire world in a matter of minutes. These moments will change You too. Hence, why don’t you let them making you smarter,wiser, stronger, and kinder?

The importance of investing your time on developing extra skills
With the spread of the COVID-19, we are undoubtedly dealing with something unprecedented. Something the world hasn’t seen for a very long time. And yet, historically, every crisis brings with it the seed of opportunity for those who are ready and willing to embrace it. And this is just one of those times. I fear that many people do not quite understand the imposing nature and duration of this crisis. This could very well last many months, not several weeks, as some would suggest.

People are so absorbed with what’s going on that they spend more time browsing news sights rather than spending that time on skill development and knowledge acquisition. It’s not only the Covid-19 outbreak crisis, – it also looks as though the world is moving into a global recession. With that in mind,spending time on skill development and knowledge acquisition will give certain people an edge in the new economy.

Now please consider for a moment that as this crisis unfolds, that a large number of people will lose their jobs, they will see their investments dwindle, and potentially house prices tumble. And they will undoubtedly be left behind in what’s increasingly becoming a digital economy.

I am not sure whether you have any goals but the pure survival for your existence, however, what’s certain is that we must keep learning and growing. For that is the only way we will survive and potentially thrive after this crisis is over. Therefore, I am positive that right now is the perfect time and opportunity to enhance your skills with online courses, books, tools and online coaching. That is the only way you will get the edge you need to succeed and thrive in the coming months.

Do not waste this opportunity for personal growth and becoming better if not the best version of yourself. You’d be so proud of yourself now this crisis is over.

Remember – You can choose to focus on watching the news, or you can spend that time building indispensable skills that will shape your life and income in the coming years.

How can I help You?
I may not being able to provide you with all the answers, however, I believe I can help you through my Covid-19 crisis intervention online coaching services I’d be launching as of next week that will transform how you think about your life and circumstances during this crisis period.

My mission is to help others live their best life in the best way I know how and I’m deeply committed to that goal. I want to serve you to the best of my ability to help you flourish and take advantage of the tremendous opportunity that we now have before us. The moment to get started is right now!

I hope that this post I have shared with you can be a wake up call for you. Please set a positive example for those who look up to you. And, of course, stay safe, be well, and make the most of the opportunities that come your way.

Red alarm is in the USA as well whereby the scale of COVID-19 continues to spread like wildfire across the three-state area and has already surpassed the death toll of 9/11. It is nearly impossible to predict exactly how it will unfold.

As for the EU, with the ongoing pandemic crisis, the EU is handcuffed as the key powers are in the hands of member states. In other words, currently, EU mechanism simply do not have powers to go beyond and provide for a more concrete response. Border management, civil protection and health, civil protection, border management are all areas with the competence of the member states. The EU institutions, notably its legislator – European Commission can only act upon the Member States’ request.
So far, so closed, every single Member States in itself. Quo vadis European Union? I have no idea.

Keep in touch next week!
Love&Blessings to all of you, Myra

Thought of the day
“You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again”
– Benjamin Franklin

Number of infected
Croatia: 1126 World: 1,133,967
Number of died
Croatia: 12 World: 60,408

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